Posted by: dreymer | June 28, 2006

not so bad tuesday

i signaled to the right because i needed to cut through to the lane that heads to the car park. but the idiot on the right lane must have been too stupid to slow down. when i indicated that i wanted to move into his lane, slow down for heaven’s sake. it is not as if the one second that you lose can bring you anyyyyy further.

because he couldn’t accept the fact that i was ‘slowing’ him down, he signaled to the left to enter my lane. pretty much to cut through so he can drive 1km/hr faster. what a fucking idiot. with such poor judgement and probably a kopi license, his junk wira scratches my car!!! i can still replay the screeechhh screeaaccchh sound in my head. i stopped my car at the side and looked at him. bastard young punk. didn’t even bother to stop and simply drove off. there are several huge gashes on my bumper. my car is red so the lines are terribly obvious! white and black… argh! AND IT HAS NOT EVEN BEEN SIX MONTHS SINCE I GOT MY CAR.

ok. bad start. BAD TUESDAY.

however, after looking at her angelic face, it just seemed like all my troubles have been lifted. this is sarah — the li’l miracle by-product of jasmine and patrick.



she have mommie’s eyes and smile. absolutely gorgeous. definitely gonna break many guys heart in future.

makes you smile already, right?

at about 11something today, i was walking towards the restroom when the delivery guy holding a box looked lost. he said he was looking for this person as he pointed out the name written on the form.

eh? saya punya la..” (that’s mine!)

ok, tapi saya kena dapat chop la…” (ok but i can’t release this to you until i get your company stamp)

mesti ke? tak payah la.. saya boleh sign kan?” (is that so? that’s not necessary, i can sign this off, can’t i)

ya ka, ok.. you boleh sign sini dan letak ic number.” (is that so? you can sign here and leave your identification card number)

WHAT? that easy? this is such an naughty way to steal parcels now! 🙂

(btw, what do you think of my trashy translation, pretty alright for a P8?) 

i’ve never received anything in a wooden crate before. with a dozen of nails all around too. after prying open with my now severely damaged scissors (and a few scratches on my newly buffed nails.. hrmph!), this is my second reason why it ain’t such a bad tuesday after all. merci babes!


wanna fondue with me?



  1. I want I want!!!!
    a woooden crate for a fondue set??? quite weird, but original I must say…

    so what are all these other things around the wooden box???? especially this white thing on the left???

  2. OMG OMG sarah’s so so so cute……

    It just pulls at your heartstrings don’t it? Don’t post any more though…wait I also want to have..:/.

    Poor car…did u kiss it better though?

  3. will: the white thing? nah.. nothing much. just some scented stuff.. you wouldn’t like it.

    sourrain: u should have. i’m gonna post up more. kiss the car? er.. no.. hahahaha..

  4. yo…so cute but why she doesnt look like ah moh? more like chinese!!! hahaha…..when only is my turn……..envy la

  5. looks like jasmine 😉

    wow.. why so gian to have baby already. marry first la k…

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