Posted by: dreymer | June 29, 2006

kailing’s birthday: flaming (pt 2)

moved on to the loft. 

zouk kl


kailing’s first flaming…

beautifully shot by gerry and harajuku hippie chris


we forgot that kl actually hates milk

jehan’s got a shot with kailing

is this what they call ‘rimming’? gosh i’m sick.

and this is a wedgie?


…… i’m gonna shut up now.

the ng sisters

kailing’s 2nd flaming

this is so funny. i can remember quite clearly that the waiter had to replace the straw twice because kl wasn’t fast enough to slurp the drink. the straw kept catching fire.

happy people!

happy people again!

happy birthday babes!! 🙂 

that’s all i have for now…



  1. ehhh i thought theres more pics… wat, no pics of kai ling at the toliet puking after 2 flamings? NO ONE TOOK ANY PIC OF THAT???!?!? 🙂

    peace kai ling babe

  2. there are but our friend g is hoarding them.

    nobody wanted to risk their camera getting destroyed by gkl’s toxic fumes.


    no more peace talk w you.

    audrey > very farnee…. hee har har!

  4. hahahha…. didn’t know chrystal and me wore matching shirts..kkekeke ..

    sorry babes .. no picture of GKL puking.. i had both my hands over my mouth and nose… hahha cannot tahan man… and i had to drive her all the way home..

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