Posted by: dreymer | July 3, 2006

fondue me

geri, sheryl and i were at the shu uemura’s summer make-up workshop on saturday. i knew that there’ll be lots of hot selling and promoting so i did drop an email to the girls that “it is ok to say no.” at the end of the day, it wasn’t so easy. (i have to admit i did instigate a little… only a little).

our door gift; shu uemura designer chocolate

we had our coffee and pastries first…


they did the full demo on geri (our first guinea pig). hehe!

painting on an empty canvas…


sheryl had a field day making comments; she described geri’s summer green make up as ‘like a parrot’. she kept making us laugh.

not as easy as it seems but practice makes perfect.

in between brushes…

gorgeous geri!

sheryl layan sendiri

i wasn’t gonna touch anything to resist all temptation.


very pretty!

sheryl’s turn for attention

… and mine

i like the colours…


mine was simple coz i had to rush off!

to do this:

geri with the chocolate…

to be eaten with:



the tower

the guardian of nachos and salsa

our first guest of the evening…

geri’s self defense 101

“you hold him by the arm and yank him from below..”

seira and shuks all smiles

how to be a good hostess

first, you dip the strawberry into the chocolate fondue…

just the tip… like that…

then before you serve your guest, you steal a berry off his plate…

but you’ll still be thanked for treating him like a king <— vincent’s exact words!

geri and master wong

johann had enough of the grrl gossips…

haa.. must be talking about someone…

strawberries and cream couple

the clock in the background infused into johann’s hair made him look like he had a funky 60’s hairstyle or a missing mickey mouse ear.

i love how the wax have melted…

drey and geri

sheryl and the boys

uh huh! these grrls probing someone…

the cat must have got his tongue…

reviewing pictures we took… we have a tight censorship board for this blog. pfftt..

johann and i…

johann and the shu uemura make up lookalikes

sheryl checking her damage at shu uemura. see the amount of paper bag gerry and sher brought back.

the attack of the vince

elvin listens attentively as sheryl and i spill our encounter with vincent during our college days



vincent tries very hard to defend himself. “trust me guys, i didn’t do it.”

master wong sticks his tongue out in disbelief…

and then the story became so juicy that even seira stops reading the mag…

sheryl’s good memory is a bad thing for vincent. look at her sinister laughter…

vincent giving me that evil eye.. oops 🙂

finally he gave in… so it must have been true 😉

thanks to sheryl, geri, shuks, kl, seira, vince, elv, johann and chris!

and thank you erepier…


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