Posted by: dreymer | July 10, 2006

the day after…

after the weekend, i know how i want to celebrate my marriage — elope to vegas, get legal in a tiny chapel (i’ll skip the elvis minister — not a big fan), have the $10.99 lobster and steak set at a hotel, try my luck on the quarters jackpot machine and have plenty of free whiskey coke in the casino, visit the M&M’s and coca-cola museum, splurge on some cheap branded goods at the factory outlet, watch the musical fountain in front of bellagio and then make love (hahaha!).

nah… the wedding was beautiful. a few hiccups here and there but otherwise, we had a blast. i’m truly happy to be a part of this magical ceremony despite being bossed around by bridezilla (note: my efforts were not unnoticed and we are still friends!). it’ll take me some time to post up pictures because there’re just too many of the perfect pair — mili and simon, the gorgeous MCs — sheryl and elvin and the cute bridesmaid — 🙂

congratulations mr and mrs barker…



  1. Ah sounds like a fantasic day for all. 🙂

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