Posted by: dreymer | July 12, 2006

mili’s hen’s night

we finally left for penang at 4pm on friday! well, we had alot of things to do before we headed off to the island once again. we were there exactly a month ago — at the start of WC and again for the finals!

made sure i had everything… (and this is just for 2 nights)


the driver and his navigator…

a view on the way to ipoh…

we even had time to stop by butterworth to change and freshen up at elvin’s place. we clever people took the ferry instead of the bridge to penang because we heard the bridge was jam-packed with cars! 🙂 i haven’t taken the ferry for a veryyyyy long time.

on the ferry…

sheryl and i were ready for a night of partying…

a picture moment for us…

and we were back at soho!


sheryl lookin’ fine and dainty.. love the necklace!

our bride arrives.. all waiting to get her maximum of two drinks (i’m a very strict bridesmaid — NO means NO!)

but before we can even serve her drinks, we had a couple of tricks up our sleeves on the night prior becoming mrs barker. (actually she is already a barker but.. let’s pretend she isn’t to avoid any complications)

first… she needed to announce to the whole world that she’s gonna get married! so sheryl painsakingly made this beautiful veil. it even had seashells on the top. very, very pretty. good job grrl 🙂

as the bridesmaid, i had the honour of poking her head with bobby pins.

secondly… i stated the rules. she had to pay for our drinks. (damn, i look quite a nagger huh?? she must be so frustrated with me)


thirdly… we would help her with the tab provided that she earn some money selling condoms! woohoo!

yes. one dozen of rubber, baby!

the starting price of a condom is RM 10…

first customer of the night…

this guy paid RM 20 but there was alot of talking…

this guy paid RM 10 but later complaint that it was too small. you’re lucky if you can even get it up, grandpa.

the party balloons…

that’s my grrl! am so proud of her! we raked in RM 180. we could do this every weekend!

sheryl with elvin and kevin

frankson, wendy, edwin, mils and stanley

lucky elv with d, m and s.

haa!! the bride obviously had more than 2 drinks!!

the reluctant bride…

oh gosh. i pity the guy she handles… LOL

to be continued… mili gets ready for her big day, bridesmaid is slave driven, the groom’s entourage spits out vegemite…



  1. Selling condoms to strange men is ingenious.

    And heh, was she like drunk? Really really drunk? Cos she looks it. 😀

  2. no no, she wasn’t drunk! reason why i restricted her consumption was so that she can have enough beauty sleep. she did have two glasses as originally agreed. but i didn’t say anything on not taking whiskey straight from the bottle. *sigh*

    she tricked me 😉

  3. >>we heard the bridge was jam-packed with cars!

    there is a site to view real time traffic at penang bridge

    ha ha ha

  4. robert: LOL. thanks!!

  5. Do you know that I get really,really thirsty trying to get pervy old men to buy expensive condoms from me???

    Not my fault…

    And yeah,not very drunk.Very very full though…as I already had dinner x 4 before the partee even started.

    I dont believe how a plate of char koay teow,koay chiap,chee cheong fun, rojak, leng chee kang,poh piah can fatten you up so much you can hardly fit into clothes..

  6. don’t worry babes.. you can go back to your cereal now in boring potato land 🙂

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