Posted by: dreymer | July 13, 2006

si-mi’s wedding: getting ready

after our night of contraceptive sales, mili and i woke up bright and early. we put on eye mask which definitely help.

the view from our room…

after breakfast i still had time to relax. unfortunately, i think i ate something bad because simon commented i looked a little too white. i must be sick.

sen hon had to capture this picture of me in my worst! come on, can’t a grrl have some peace while putting on her sk-ii mask?? damn! 🙂

(purposely resized the picture small!!! it’s awful and scary!)

let’s continue on with someone more beautiful….



it isn’t a torture device…

a pig’s tail…


the makeup photographer, sen hon…

wishing each other luck with coffee..

the bride and her bridesmaid… in pj’s! so unglam but so real.

everyone was in a hurry… lunching while doing her hair…

popcorn chicken… yummy!

to be continued… the groom fetches his bride but did the chi muis give him a hard time?


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