Posted by: dreymer | July 15, 2006

mi-si’s wedding: together

(changed the main title to mi-si instead of si-mi because i think it sounds nicer as misai)

the bride and groom unites.


it was getting hot in here…

the essential survival tool of the wedding: a mini portable battery operated fan

the ring exchange (look at all the hongbaos i got!)

i love this picture

bridesmaid wipes sweat off groom (even thought it was not stated in the terms & conditions to serve the other half) — no wonder i deserved a fat hong bao)

even the bridesmaid gets a moment


interrupted for bitching session:

at this moment i was already kinda pissed off with the videographer because he kept asking me to repeat my announcement. as a videographer, shouldn’t he be capturing every moment as is? this is not a movie production! damn.. he can’t do reality tv for sure! (i didn’t state previously during the ‘games’ part that i actually went back into the room when the guys conspired. the videographer came up to me and said, “don’t go in.. it’s not nice like that, just go along and play.” i was like, “WTF? it’s my game, i do what i like!”)

back to nice mode.

moments with mr and mrs barker

the guys…

the grrls… missin’ mag and mandy

at last everyone’s here…

moments hidden from the crowd

so sweet!

i witnessed it. the bride made her (and everyone else) do it!

the ladies and the bride…

bride needed a break from the relatives! cooling down with some kia kueh (cubed glutinous rice in yellow and green served chilled with mollasses)

the bride is so cute — just to make sure she doesn’t stain her gown with the brown sugar.


bridesmaid is just as curious.

sheryl never lets go of her popcorn chicken…

everyone captures our faces.. what about our feet?

moments not captured by the professional photographer

tea ceremony (and i met a guy!)

exhausted after the photoshoot, the three of us cooled off the suite to enjoy the AC. the bridesmaid threw her shoes away. the groom got his jacket off. the bride had stripped to her ‘bride’ pink g-strings and bra.

5pm. time for tea ceremony. argh.

while waiting for the relatives…

don’t even look like me leh…

the newlyweds serving simon’s parents — pamela and john

(more information on tea ceremony here)

in other words, this is the most expensive tea that the guest would drink. for that sip of tea, you must present the bride and groom a hong bao (or gold jewellery).

while watching the tea ceremony at the corner of the room, my dress wet from my leaky bouquet of gerberas and no smses from ereprie, i was about to fall asleep when a gentleman came up to me and asked for my name. we exchanged small talk — the usual, where are you from, who are you… he had a handsome face. tanned, nice eyes and a cute grin.

he got a little cheeky and said that if i could answer three of his questions, he would tell me a secret. hmm.. i love secrets! three questions? how hard can it be?

q1: do you know how much it cost to download a java game from the internet?

q2: do you know how much it cost to download a java game from your service provider?

q3: do you know how much it cost to download a java game from a cybercafe?

i was all wrong. and you must be thinking it’s just so salah (wrong) to even continue a conversation with this guy. before you go on thinking what kinda pickup line was that, let me know show u his picture:

he’s mili’s cousin. i think he’s in standard 3. i told him to pose with the flowers so that i could take a picture of him.


he’s really cute and intelligent for his age and was a huge hit with the (much older) girls 🙂

to be continued… elvin and sheryl’s debut as MCs, bridesmaid was warned to cut her speech short, and we never knew karaoke in a wedding can actually be quite fun….


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