Posted by: dreymer | July 17, 2006

insensitive to the sensitive


have you ever experienced that pain? that one that causes you to have goosebumps all over your arms because you’re shivering in cold but you’re sweating at the same time? 

this is what i’m feeling right now but 100 times worst than what i’ve described. it must have been the claypot chicken rice that i had with my sis and b.i.l. except that they are perfectly fine. we’ve concluded that i’m just too sensitive! i woke up with terrible pain in my stomach at 5am on sunday. seriously, i would like to describe my stool but i think one sick person is enough for now (i’m gross but i’m real). i was practically bedridden the whole day (except that i did clean my vanity table, threw away tons of junk – can’t believe what i’ve been hoarding for years, finished up my penang trip blog and read up my charts). i slept for two hours in the evening and went to bed at 7am.

what’s worst is that i had a bad headache to accompany the excruciating pain in my stomach. i tried to overcome it by going to bed early but it didn’t work so in the end i had to resort to panadol 😐

despite the pain (which i am still feeling it now), i got lots of rest and sleep; something luxurious i’ve been deprived of every weekend. naturally i’ll get a little irritated when my snooze is interrupted with messages at obscene hours. (pas vous) sometimes there are moments you just got to learn when to not be insensitive.



  1. Got diarrhoea? Must be the food you people ate! So much food! hahahhaa….

  2. eh hello. that was one week ago la..

  3. methinks its the starfux cake we had the day I left…

    cream got salmonella

    *runs far far*

  4. soli lah.. I din know when you people went mah… hahaha… :p As for the salmonella, I’d think there’s a bit of salmonella everywhere we eat in M’sia… Mamak, restaurants… ahhaha… :p So, I’d guess we’re pretty resistant to salmonella already… hehehe…:p

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