Posted by: dreymer | July 17, 2006

mi-si’s wedding: jalan jalan cari makan

woke up at 11am. turned to my left and sheryl was still fast asleep. turned to my right and noticed that the diamond bracelet i wore last night broke. should have taken it out but i was too tired. die!

all ready to leave penang once again.


this is the apartment that most of us stayed at…

we headed to pulau tikus. i asked the penangites – elvin and the bride if it was far since it’s an island (‘pulau tikus’ direct translation is RAT ISLAND). they said yes and we have to cross a bridge or take a ferry. woohoo!

when i got there i saw no island and no rats. it was just an area they named pulau tikus to fool people like us. the person who named that area must have thought it was funny. how deceiving!

the newlyweds

at least someone scored and i know he wasn’t referring to the portugal vs germany game.

only married women can wear this.

the bride needed to have her intake of malaysian food so we were out looking for her favourite char kueh teow. on the way, we stopped by to get some ban chang kueh (??) —> i might be wrong. i don’t know what is it called! it just sounded something like that.

it’s a flat crispy pancake with peanuts, sugar, melted butter (!) and cream corn. lovely. this is probably the best i’ve ever eaten. it is so good that the jagung (cream corn) spills out. only RM 0.90! this guy still uses charcoal for fire.


first pour in a thin layer of batter, then sprinkle some peanuts and sugar.

after adding in the jagung and a dollop of butter, scrap the sides so the pancake doesn’t get burnt below…

a close up… are u salivating already??

the sifu at see sin hua coffee shop (corrected by miss penang chew)

char kueh teow with duck egg!

the bride glees in satisfaction!

just when we thought we can finally leave penang, the bride spots this equally famous stall that serves pasembor, mee mamak, and rojak!

we allowed her to order a plate and we’ll help her out… one spoonful each!

too bad we were too full!


wai sek maus!

the penang version of butt-o-meter.. if you can fit into it…

… means you haven’t eaten enough!

(actually they are for very short people)

out of penang and onwards to butterworth! we’ve heard so much of fujian restaurant and we FINALLY get to taste their authentic fujian cuisine. we were excited!

we did the tourist thing and took a photo in front of the restaurant. those crazy brits and kl-ites.


double happiness!

wah.. boss also need to look at menu meh?

my favourite! sliced lotus roots marinated with orange juice. yum! so refreshing. I LOVE ANYTHING LOTUS!!

sliced bitter gourd and dipped with honey.. this is so unusual! WOW!! BITTER SWEET!!

handmade noodles with everything — oysters, vege, tofu. add in a little vinegar and it’ll taste like our local ‘loh meen’. a little too starchy for my liking.

‘orh chien’ – oyster omelette. superb! i like it because the oysters were fresh and not slimey.

pork trotter… am not a big fan of this but you’ll love it if you like this part of the pig.


highly recommended: the pigs! (and we’re talking about the one on the plate k??)

the picture taking ends here. we were filled right up to our throats. when we got into the car, we were still hyperactive especially when it came to the gossips. after a while, one by one we started dozing off like little piggies but poor elvin still had to drive on.

we reached PJ about 9ish and guess what? we were hungry again. we didn’t get enough of penang so we had to have penang kayu nasi kandar!

everyone was bitching about how expensive it was (> RM 15).. but mine only came up to RM 6.80 *grins proudly*


photos courtesy of sheryl, sen hon and albert-jai.

back in march.. april.. may.. mili, sheryl and i used to email and talk to each other online on the wedding and now.. it has come and gone. 2 weeks of mili wasn’t enough and it happened so fast that i didn’t even go shopping with her! it was only saturday afternoon, the day that she was departing to leeds, that we could have starbucks together 1 on 1. my last message to mili was that she can only come back when she brings home a baby. i’m so mean.

it’s now mid of july. august will come soon. then september. i definitely can’t wait for october.



  1. Dayum. Gotta love the food. Am so gonna torture her online when I speak to her – she’d be having withdrawals damn bad! 😀

  2. Why you plaster my makeupless face all over…some more with me whacking food like a seasoned pig! Don’t let the husband see..straight away I kena dumped..:(

    Why you so happy? You comming to visit me in October is it?Cos if you’re waiting for me to go back with a big fat bouncing baby….you probably won’t be seeing me for years!

    Yours came up to be 6.50 cos you were not as greedy as us…big sotongs and all.Or maybe you winked at the mamak fler..must be that.

  3. BTW…it’s sin hwa (not see hua) coffee shop which has the best char koay teow in the whole wide world…for those looking for it, it’s nearly opposite the police station at pulau tikus; they open at night at the Pulau Tikus market hawker centre as well.

    Much better than the one featured on Astro at campbell st (bloody RM 5 for a plate ok!) and the overly commercialized sisters char koay teow at Macallister road

    dreydrey thinks I should write a book..what do you all think?

  4. thanks for correcting (i will edit my entry).

    you should really write a book. i’m quite amazed on your penang food knowledge 🙂 i really like the char kueh teow. i wished we had tapau the kueh teow teng that you described! damn!

    faster come back la.. i think we need another round of penang food escapade. actually, i really liked the curry laksa.

  5. I was wondering what curry laksa..curry mee ! (like the penang kias say). If you like, there is also an outrageous curry laksa shop in Ipoh (yes, I do cross country) which is opposite a police station..ask me if you require more directions.

    By the way…my mommy tapau-ed the koay teow soup for me the next day :). We couldn’t have went anyway, because it closes at 2.30 pm…by the time the wai sek maus get to butterworth it was alreay 2pm .Ask elv to take you to the one at cherry street in Bagan Ajam…not Kampung Benggali

    (that little piece of advice will cost you RM0.50)

  6. Why you always find food around police stations ah misses mi-li??

  7. after criminals break free from jail, the first place they see with food is usually the best ma 😉

  8. I think if you eat near police station the probability of you being robbed of your char koay teow is less. Then again if you are eating with me, the chances of you being robbed off your plate of chee cheong fun increases..with me complete in zorro outfit.

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