Posted by: dreymer | July 18, 2006

terms people used to find my blog


the person searching for item #2 (look at the list of search engine terms) and got directed to my blog must have been truly dissapointed.

unless…. the barkers have some home videos they like to share. ..

and seriously.. TEENY BOPPER CLUB SEX PHOTO?? i don’t understand!



  1. Money makes the world goes round…and Le Barkers do have videos but it’ll cost ya! Just kidding..

    The teeny bopper club sex is farnee you’ve gotta admit..I think its all the condoms.

  2. so selfish this wife!

  3. WAH!!! shuks is on your list ??? damn i wanna be on as well… better google dreymer and gerry….. 🙂

  4. why don’t you try: geri gorgeous parrot make up

    HAHAHA 😀

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