Posted by: dreymer | July 20, 2006

i hate u! (but i don’t know u)

can u hate someone you don’t know and haven’t met? maybe ‘hate’ is too strong a word. how about ‘dislike’ or better still, ‘reallllllly cannot tahan’? (really can’t stand)

the thing is, i keep bumping into her. at clubs. at the mall. at zara. and now she’s in the same gym. can die. i think i’m fated to either be more irritated by her looks or be acquainted. i prefer the latter. haha 🙂 of course we don’t exchange hellos or look at each other’s directions because we’re insignificant to each other. i’m a stranger to her as she is to me  but the only difference is she doesn’t know i ‘realllllllllly cannot tahan’ her.

i just thought, i’m sure there’s someone out there who don’t know me but can’t stand the sight of me either. she (or he, but i can be quite sure it’s usually a SHE) only knows me by my first name. maybe where i go. or what i do. or who my friends are. but she perceives me as bad/sickening/nauseating/irritating/stupid therefore ‘hates’ me.

that would be so funny. let’s hold hands together and laugh.



  1. or he, but i can be quite sure it’s usually a SHE

    Heheh, in a sense you are right – women can be their own worst enemies sometimes.

  2. I think the above situation happens quite often..the bumping into a particular someone all the time everywhere.

    You probably cannot stand her because she’s everywhere you are..maybe she loves you and is stalking you…compliment!

    Or maybe she cannot tahan you either and think you a stalker!

    Psycho music anyone?

  3. mooiness: absolutely.

    sourrain: maybe i don’t like tall, skinny grrls. but then she has bad skin!!

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