Posted by: dreymer | July 23, 2006

i luv to dreym

it’s a photo-less blog. you might want to move on to another website. shoo!

4am. my feet tired from dancing in stilletos. my voice coarse from all that shouting in the noisy room. my hair reek of cigarette smoke. i’m in a daze. i love this feeling.

we decided to catch up over dinner on friday night. it was good to just chill over tapas and have one of those conversations that start with, “i wish…”, “i want…”, “i should…” it was one of our mind-provoking sessions that takes a couple of minutes of detailed explanation which usually ends with the usual q, “do you get what i mean?” the worst part of it all is that sometimes even after thorough description, you might still not get what he is trying to convey. but because i’ve gotten used to his train of thoughts and i’m so smart (hee hee), his ideals are comprehendible.

on my part, after i could sense that i should perk up the night with something juicy, i started with, “i’m going to…” his eyes wide with attention and his dimpled grin revealed curiosity. “now that’s what i want to hear, spill it”.

after exposing my drrty li’l secret, he feedbacks with an unexpected, “you should go ahead.” i was prepared to have my kevlar vest on ready to be shot down with his critique but instead he lets me run off unharmed. my eyes twinkled and my close-lip smile hid my actual elation.

my friends are too cool!



  1. Good old friend’s advice is very valuable… so whatever you discussed, which made your eyes twinkle, you should go for!:)


  2. picture-less blog = gerry’s fault… hahha retured the memory stick and bat. drey’s blog should be back and functioning with photo soon…..rite drey? 🙂

  3. will: if that’s the case, i’ll take your advice too.

    gerry: hey no problem at all. for angkor wat, it was all worth it 🙂

  4. if i get any more heart stopping exciting blogs I think i will get heart attack….

  5. sourrain: siao ah!

    “i’m going to….. buy another new bag.”
    hee hee hee

  6. DIE!

    Are you buying a COACH? *rollseyes*

    Because I am going to copy you and buy a made me…too excited.Cannot stand.New bags more staisfying than sex

  7. NO!!! NO MORE COACH!!!

    get la 🙂 tell me which model you’re getting. lol. more satisfying coz if sian can just get a new one right? naughty!

  8. Thats why wei. Novelty of new bags lasts at least a couple of months before some idiot copies you (points at self).

    Satisfaction of sex only lasts a few seconds.Oklar,one full minute if you are lucky. New bags are like whores…throw money at it and it just continues giving pleasure…not happy,buy another one..whoa even more pleasurable if you have a big collection.Of course not all the same brands…like orgy with identical twins.

    I am so glad bacon does not read your blog.

  9. Can’t believe us man is actualy lower than bags… sigh…

  10. i don’t share the same view as sourrain!!! 🙂

  11. Things that you have, you don’t crave, things that you don’t have you crave like a crack addict in rehab.

  12. 😐
    you’re right


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