Posted by: dreymer | July 24, 2006

one day they will be priceless

broke into cold sweat. hands were shaky and jittery. spoke with a slur. that’s the effects of not taking photos for a week. nah, i’m kidding. i’m not a freak!

woohoo! i managed to take some pictures tonight when i got back my memory stick and battery from geri.

you know you’re spoiling your nephew when you would do anything he says even when you’re talent-less. he insisted that my mom drew on his magna-doodle pad a ‘car eyes’ (his version of volkswagon beetle) parked in front of a house. yes, that detailed! just when my mom thought she could push the responsibility to my sis, he screamed that he wanted only his ‘popo’ to draw.

grandma’s volkswagon beetle sure had realllllly big tires.

now, try guessing what car my sister had to draw?

this is her version of a toyota estima. looks like a shark!

and the aunt, yours truly, had to doodle this:

can you guess what that is? if you get it right, i’ll give you a candy and it will prove to you guys that i’m quite an artist after all!



  1. thaats one funky cat….

  2. here’s a candy bar

  3. it’s dreymer muniandy on a new bollywood hit movie!!!

  4. elving: basket.. think i got pointed ears and a long tail ah???

  5. Your cat’s got a body of a monkey. Well, at least your work is better than your mum’s or sis’ … haha. I think the boy was just trying to make fun of you all when he asked you fellas to draw for him. haha.

  6. u’re in the bollywood version of ‘Master of Diguise!’ Where’s the turtle?

    SUI JAI..

    hee hee hee

  8. Nolah u didn’t do anything to me. Just me being Elvin! HAHA

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