Posted by: dreymer | July 25, 2006


i’m blocked from

  • yahoo/msn messenger
  • iloveim
  • e-messenger
  • meebo
  • yahoo
  • gmail

practically everything that let us communicate with the outside world 😦 i’m trapped!



  1. a lot of users of meebo were using 3rd party proxies to get around blocks (dangerous). as a result, we put out the meebo repeater.

  2. can’t get around that one either. i’m doomed 😐

  3. why not? you can’t get to your home IP from work?

  4. how do you do that? i clicked on the link and it was also blocked.

  5. oh no how come you are blocked….rrrrr…i hope is not because of me 😦

  6. poor thing… find out which bastard proposed to block u. I got huge black plastic bag and few baseball bats ready here.

    plus2, i’m sure u’re not the only reason… kekekekek…..

  7. plus2: just when i managed to get hold of u in the morning (night for you) and this happens! 😦

    elving: yeah beat them beat them!

    thanks for sharing my misery!!!!

  8. hey..i am in the same situation. all online messengers blocked too. but i manage to use skype. you might wanna try tt

  9. csze: so you know how i feel. so frustrating! will try skype and see if that’s blocked as well. sigh sigh sigh.

  10. hey…you need to access that link from your home computer (or the computer of a friend). it brings you to a page where you can download a very small application that you keep running on your home computer while you’re away. so if you have a computer at home (or have a friend with a computer at home), this should work for you! seth

  11. wow! amazing!

    i’m actually more amazed on how you managed to look out for ‘lost souls’ like me!

    thanks seth.

  12. simple, quit.

  13. If your messenger is blocked at school or work, check out – its a very nice web messenger.

  14. samer bazzi: thank you.. but it’s also blocked 😐

  15. Yes, works good at schools.

  16. Check out the new embedded version of Kool IM.

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