Posted by: dreymer | July 27, 2006

the solution to a bad day

i’ve decided to quit whining about the fact that i can’t get access to gmail or messenger in the office. i can’t chat. so what? i won’t die. i should be chanelling my energy towards the less fortunate — like three-legged cats and office people who have completely no internet access at all. haa!

since i needed to take a break from work sometimes, i decided to do a little ‘screen-shopping’. in the real world, we call it ‘window-shopping.’

first of all, i need to brag that i have such a wonderful grrlfriend who knows what i like! +2 was at the recent san diego comic convention last weekend and the artist for tokidoki, simone legno was there. (she even got him to autograph two of her qees) just when i thought i’d be missing out on the latest summer tokidoki range (yes, after a very painful deliberation between me, myself and i), now i can say i may be bag-less but i have two things — a tee shirt and a pair of hair clips. YaY!


have i ever mentioned to you that my favourite shop in the US was anthropologie? hmm.. maybe it’s only +2 that knows my quirky taste for vintage items. please don’t call me aunty, i’ll beat you. although i never got anything from there, i just love spending my time at the shop in san francisco browsing their apparels, accessories and home decor. right now, they have an outlet in fresno too. +2 was mean and cruel sweet and kind to tell me what i’ve been missing.

you should really check out their website. they have pretty cool accessories too. trust me! thanks +2 for the pictures.

a couple of things i like and found on the web.

mimobot thumbdrive (cute, but ridiculously priced)

a biggggg bag for everything – my purse, camera, phone, notebook and makeup

a wood nymph silver pendant and chain (pretty!)

an orleander centrepiece. (i really don’t know why i would need it but i love the details)

an ottoman in garnet! (i always wanted one of these placed next to a window. this shade of red is gorgeous)

oh yes.. can you already tell i’m not much of a gadget grrl? i’m looking for ideas to decorate my new room as well so if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave me a message 🙂

wow.. i feel totally rejuvenated already!



  1. OMG the shop looks sooo freaking good!!!! looks like a potential black hole for me… me go in and never ever wanna come out :> fab store. eh the bread and eggs boleh makan one ah?hehhehehe

  2. AT LAST its in Fresno!!! Next shop up should be Urban Outfitters..they even have a branch in London.

    I rememeber when we first met, Elvin told me that it’s ok to call you aunty (at that time I think it was your topshop handbag that looked like a knitting bag…). Then you got kinda sick of it and started whacking anyone who called you aunty. I miss those days 😦

    And I support Aldo. Woohoo!

  3. OMG!!!!! I love the bag…..*hunt hunt*

  4. gerry: you’ll love that place. if you check out the website you have an idea what they have. actually i ask myself the same question if the egg and bread is plastic or what!! looks real!!

    mili: urban outfitters will be opening soon in fresno too. just when we leave, all the good stuffs sprout out 🙂 yes, that aunty bag. i sold it off at the flea market for RM10.

    sherly: me too. gotta check it out if they hv it in m’sia or not!

  5. Hee, hee…for those ppl who left fresno…here just a little bit more update for you gals and guys missed. Yup urban outfitter is coming soon and fresno already have Aldo, lucky jeans, bebe, saphora at fashion fair also. There are also banana republic, coach, pottery barn in fig garden, and guess what…rumor say that Tiffany and LV is coming to fi garden also…you guys have to come back and visit us!!!! and shops 🙂 By they way, the egg and bread ma…i believe they are real, i touch them…looks real to me

  6. This +2….beat you,beat you!

    To get to Tiffany’s or urban outfitters I need to take a 3 hour train ride to Harrods. Of course I never bought anything from Urban Outfitters, but I can spend the whole day exploring it..from San francisco to Long Beach to LA to San Diego. So pathertic…can see can touch cannot bring home.

    I move to europe in search of sephora, just to land in the only country in europe that does NOT have sephora.


    dreybee: I think we should go back to fresno…

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