Posted by: dreymer | July 31, 2006

the velveteen vincent

vincent’s birthday at velvet.

once a year is enough


5 on 5. a game the guys decided to play. (this happens when you miss dinner and you have no idea the brilliance they would come out with)

all ready

han meticulously measure for accuracy

with my dimpled grin friend (before the ‘ordeal’)

the look of, “i’ve no idea what i’ve gotten myself into.”

julian wipes his hands. he’s all done with me now. heh heh 🙂


jo, glenn, rachel and tai. tai looks like he enjoys that shot.

vincent negotiating with the winning team. jo pays special attention.


michelle & drey; some lip action going on

vincent making sure this lady gets it right

“hey, how come you’re just pouring the drinks!”

rachel feels the emptiness

my challenge; we laughed about how silly we were the next day

tai and sheryl

can you feel the love?

mmm.. yes! his favourite.

…. and that was as far as we could manage with taking pictures.

i know i woke up at the break of dawn and not on my bed. mmm.. and i remember having green tea and the best indo-mie ever 🙂 thanks sweets!



  1. What’s with the last picture? Did I miss seeing two girls kissing on the lips???

    Oh man, oh man, I missed the best part. I shouldn’t have drank so much.

  2. yes. they are bad for you 🙂 hehe

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