Posted by: dreymer | August 5, 2006

the 1/4 nonya speaks

some might think it was odd or an embarassment that i used to converse with my late paternal grandmother in malay/bahasa malaysia (bm). my cantonese would be described as auditory nonsense and my ah-ma’s english was limited. the solution? speak in the national language.

what i remember most about ah-ma was her flawless spoken malay since she was a nonya (peranakan) and being so, she had the curves for a well-fitted kebaya. most say it’s just a generalization when one compliments grandma’s cooking, but i’m being truthful and genuine when i set praise to her home-cooked specialities. and yes, i’ll refrain from saying that all good qualities run in the family *giggles*

when it comes to peranakan food, nobody does it as well as grandma but we can’t be overtly critical. we decided to test and taste the set meals at the peranakan restaurant in one utama.

set meals are prepared for 2-3 or 4-5 persons. we ordered set A, enough for three of us. set A comprised of:

  • pong teh chicken
  • fish head curry
  • ladies finger/okra with chili
  • chinese melon and chicken soup

and for only RM 28++ (excluding rice and service/govt tax). we also ordered another dish from the menu – honey sotong.

ayam pongteh — three pieces of chicken and several pieces of potatoes in an onion based brown sauce. taste wise, i seriously think my mom does this better 🙂 wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better.

they served us with a generous amount of fish head curry. the fish was fresh and the vegetables – long beans, brinjal and okra/ladies fingers weren’t overcooked. just the way i like them done. flood your rice with this sauce; that’s the way to enjoy curry!

honey sotong — it’s delicious! calamari/squid in batter, deep fried and cooked in a honey-sweet and slightly spicy sauce.

if you don’t like okra/ladies fingers, no matter which style it is cooked in, you’ll not like this slimy green furry vegetable at all (i might have just described a caterpillar). this is steamed or boiled okra/ladies fingers topped with blended red chili. not too bad, wasn’t crazy about the chili paste though.

all in all, food was good and their waitresses are so friendly! i think they might be nonyas 😉 i always like to believe that babas (males) and nonyas (females) are very friendly people which makes me… only 1/4 friendly. haa!

the peranakan restaurant in located on the first floor, leading towards the new block of one utama (same floor as watson’s). i am not too sure if the other branch in taman sea is still in operation.



  1. About nyonyas and babas being friendly, I agree. All my relatives in Penang are like that. And by association, I am too. Wahahah!

    But then Penang ppl are also known for being money-pinching. That’s a story for another day. 😛

  2. gotta ask mils if she’s a money pincher!

  3. Got something you want to say about penang-lang..??? HUH?

  4. umm.. nothing. dare not offend penang-kias coz they are very loud. hahahhaaaaaaa..

  5. Yes I got alot of things to say about Penang kias! Blow ah?

    Me and moo had one super long bitching session about penang kias, on how they like to show off to the whole wide world when their kids buy RM40k low cost home, get a job in singapore as a salesgirl and how I get RM20 angpow from a family that brought 3 kids and the daughter’s boyfriend as well.

    SO cannot stand.

  6. RM20? RM 28 also not bad mah.. at least got meaning 🙂

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