Posted by: dreymer | August 11, 2006

what makes me cry

listening to her break up story where her boyfriend dumps her after more than 5 years together to pursue a single life he miss nearly made me cry.

listening to her break up story where he still could offer her shopping money while she recuperates from the after-shock makes me cry harder.


people are so strange and oddly generous.



  1. Wow. He seems like a very nice guy. The break-up notwithstanding. 😀

  2. maybe it’s the guilt… guilt money.. haha

  3. Agreed. Its the guilt money.

    But hey, at least he offered to pay for damages. Just like in court – pay for your victims’ legal costs and some extra dough to go to the shrink.

    But so sad the story…:¬(

  4. Wow, shopping money to recuperate…I never heard of that before think she may have a speedy recovery.

  5. my suspicions were right!

    guilt money = i cheated on her so i’ll compensate her financially

  6. OMG….so evil…

    Think about it this way, got compensation better than no compensation.The bastard deserves to be drained out of every prada bag his pennies can possibly purchase.

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