Posted by: dreymer | August 14, 2006

all it took were lemons

a very wise person i spoke to once told me what makes a man. two simple points that aren’t hard to digest. they are:

  1. he does not abuse his lady. physically. verbally. taking the relationship for granted.
  2. he does not borrow money from his lady. no matter how broke he is, the last person he would resort to is gf/wife. he’ll find his own way out. however, i half agree. i think if a lady is capable of helping out her guy especially on important matters that could affect his career, family etc (and not for selfish self-indulgent purposes), she should do it. it’s an indication of her love and commitment towards her man even if they both have to ‘suffer’ on bread and butter the whole week. in the end, no matter what, he always returns what was ‘borrowed’.

simple right? yet difficult for some.

a good movie that i would like to recommend is the break-up starring jennifer aniston and vince vaughn. funny, it was…. but the movie said it all. the bottom line is, when you take too long to realize what you’ve been missing, you may have already missed it.

sometimes, all it takes are three lemons to ignite the truth that’s waiting to explode.

(you’ll understand the lemons bit when you watch the movie)



  1. you got a lot of wise friends around you…

  2. This is purely a display of pure pride -> “he does not borrow money from his lady.” … and pride always comes before a fall…

  3. it really depends on ur own perspective. Some people see it as ‘pride’, some people see it as determination. If you are only saying it because of your own pride, yes, you might fall very badly indeed. However, if it is your determination to protect the one you love, you will be successful.

  4. I also want to be your seems like all your friends so cleber geh…

    Personally I think borrowing money is fine, but before the grrl borrows the money to the man,think about whether you are likely to have a shared financial future.if the answer is yes,then go ahead.

    And you need to know that the man is matured and sincere enough to return it to you.

  5. Well said sourrain, I like the your last sentence….

  6. There are 3 types of relationships

    – Independent
    – Dependent
    – Interdependent

    Take a guess which type are the happiest?

    Then, rethink if a man should/can borrow from his woman.

    I say it’s pride because if a guy thinks “I will NEVER borrow from my woman”, that itself is a statement made our of his proud character. Not willing to accept help (from anyone, or in this case, his woman) is not a sign of strength or determination.

    Everyone will fall/fail in life, and it’s only through times like these that we find out our own true character and the true characters of the ones around us.

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