Posted by: dreymer | August 18, 2006

a dozen to sum up

totally themeless and random pictures. here’s what i see. who i am with. what i eat. this is me. the real(ly boring) me.

seen this sight a thousands times and it never fails to amaze me. it’s still my favourite phallic symbol architecture.

chillin’ with the little tyke at the back of a nabira

can you have the words ‘heavenly’ and ‘evil’ in the same sentence to describe the tiramisu (from treats at the westin)? it was my momma and b.i.l’s birthday.

he’s the mean orange ‘garfield’ that rules the back streets. the other tom-cats scurries off at the sight of his arrogant bushy tail and practically every lady-cat has ever bore his bastard kittens.

after an hour on the elliptical, i wanted my carbo. reminded me of those days when sher and i would get some take-away sushi, sit on a bench with a bottle of water and people-watch. we were so simple then. i loved it.

the black & white tiles remind me of my popo‘s (grandma) kitchen in clover avenue, singapore. i want to get the exact mosaic tiles for my future kitchennette.

yes, i’ve added another bag to my collection. thief!

chocolate cake with melted fudge topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. there goes all the effort at the gym.

should i get this lotus shape lamp shade? i plan to place this at the corner of my room. it’s RM 135 (USD 38). do you think it’s worth it? ikea also have this in a taller version as well. works as an uplighter but i don’t like the height.

i have this brand new in a box from ikea. i’m selling it for RM 85. i got it originally at RM 119. interested?

beam me up scotty! the interior of cineleisure, the curve.

i rather be chasing cars



  1. HANDBAG!!! Show us the bigger pic you teaser!

  2. it wasn’t something i would have picked for myself. someone told me it suited me so i got it 😐

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