Posted by: dreymer | August 21, 2006

a thorny affair

what a horrid day. the weather was unpleasant — 32’c. a killer. to make matters worst, the central air-conditioner broke down. it wasn’t any better at the gym either. at the start of body combat the air-con kapoot. we were literally in a sauna swimming in our own sweat! some would say it’s a better work out because you are perspiring more but the air was so still. imagine you are stuck in a room and the only air that you take in is the air sweaty uncle with bad b.o. next to you breathes out. argh!

since it was such a hot day, it wasn’t the best time to have durians since they are very ‘heaty’. but how can you resist the king of fruits — especially local ones?


the seeds were tiny, the flesh bitter-sweet and creamy and the scent… like overnight garbage. a durian is only sickeningly yummy when there are worms inside (yes, coz worms know where to choose the perfect habitat) and the shape of the flesh looks like mao si (direct translation: cat’s poo). lol.  

(btw i still don’t buy the idea that worm infested durians are the best so i never go near one. the mao si bit is quite true though)


despite washing your fingers with soap after you’ve handled the fruit, the scent would still linger on. yes, the smell is that strong! they say that if you wash your hands with a seed (w/out the flesh of course), the scent disappears. a pure skeptic, i tested it myself and found out that it is true. amazing! i’m sure there’s an explanation to it.

another ‘tale’ is that you should drink water out of the shell to prevent sore throat. hmm.. that one, i’ll skip 😉

husky, coarse voice — quite sexy.. no?



  1. I do the drink-from-empty-shell thing but I’m sure it’s just an old wives’ tale. The key is still not to over eat.

    I didn’t know about washing hands with a seed though. Will give that a try next time.

    As for the husky coarse voice – yes please! :mrgreen:

  2. Yeah the empty shell thing I do too.

    Also, crazy penang kias will have durian mushed up with rice,mixed with some water so it kinda resembles a durian porridge…..I like that with tau eeu bak (soy sauce pork)

    Oh, how fusion.

  3. mooiness: yes, try the seed thing. maybe it’s psychology. haa..

    sourrain: huh? eat durian with tau eeu bak?? can meh?? i think eating the worms sound less sickening. lol.

  4. I remember the no durian signs at the hotel in Malaysia, so funny. Durians are so filling, can’t eat too much.

  5. Not only penang is the land of fab food, it is also the land of super bizzare food.

    When an ampang-born-n-bred friend visited me whilst the whole family was wolfing down tau eeu bak with durian porridge,she nearly puked.Then only did I realize I was strange.

  6. What’s wrong with drinking water from the shell? It’s nice and it works i tell you! I do that all the time! Not just ordinary water, has to be salt water. And one slot of the shell can only drink once. Hehe… got to love these old-wives-tales 😀
    Hey, where tog et this nice durian??? I want also! I hardly ate any durian this year, grr….

  7. i think my dad got it from sentul. that day when you saw him jay-walking 😉

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