Posted by: dreymer | August 24, 2006

jest joking

i am afraid i might have lost the essence vital to my survival – my sense of humour. i have been wearing a frown on my face this week. in the office. at home. on the phone. face-to-face. i have this confused look; the one where you squeeze your eyebrows together till they almost meet? well, of course they didn’t. i’m not frida.

it is only this week when i realized that i might have tossed my ‘wittiness’ in the garbage bin. ordinarily, i would have been quick enough to pick up the punchline and perhaps make an extension to the joke. but i have been an absolute dull and a dictator. what’s worst if you are a dull dictator! i was speaking to my designer and i told him that i wanted only one perforated line to tear off on the invitation; one side for the organizers to keep and the other side for the guest to retain. he suggested two lines instead and explained that if the guest needed to leave the theatre for the restroom, they could use that as a ‘pass’ to exit. i looked at him, gob-smacked like my eyes were about to pop out from its socket and said, “nooooooooo, come on! that’s not necessary. we aren’t that strict!”

he looked at me, a little concern and said, “audrey, i’m KIDDING.”


this week, two different person on four separate occasions threw me that line right in my face. it finally hit me hard yesterday when i received my fourth “audrey, i’m KIDDING.” i should really loosen up and chill, right? seriously, i need a drink.

however, it wasn’t TOO bad today. i was discussing felix the cat with someone on the phone (long story on how we even got to talking about the cartoon cat). he commented that his mother knows someone from the church with the name felix. she pronounces felix as “phallics.”

and boy did i laugh! you know that horrendous laughter i have where i’m gasping for air and making squeeky noise that you wish you had some WD40 sprayed down my pharynx? HEY… i was chillin’! i didn’t lose my humour! OR… was this a sheer indication that maybe…. just maybe… my sense of humour swayed to the other side?

oh dear.

stupid, senseless and tasteless jokes on the human anatomy tickle my funny bones now 😐


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