Posted by: dreymer | August 31, 2006


today my country celebrates her 49th year of independence. for a few years now, we started placing the jalur gemilang (direct translation: stripes of glory) infront of our house as a sign of love and loyalty to the country. yes yes, sometimes we bitch about how other countries are better, cleaner, richer, efficient blah blah blah… but home is still home, right?

being patriotic also means owning a malaysian made car (indirect translation: this is all i can really afford). lol.

last week, my dad asked me what were my plans for 31st of august. before i could utter a word, he answered his own question with, “sleeping in till 12 right? i think the only time you got up early to watch the parade was when you actually took part in it.” i laughed. damn! he shut me right up.

he was right.

11 years ago. in our checkered brown skirts. burret. white gloves. marching boots. ahh.. a topic i would definitely like to blog about but first i need to get written authorization, signed and spat from the grrls.

till then…. malaysia, truly asia 😉



  1. the mountains and the seaaaaaaaaaa:)

  2. yup! Same for me… The other times I woke up early to watch the parade was to just check out how smart our girls were… hehe I won’t spill the beans…. story us pleeeeaassseeee!!!

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