Posted by: dreymer | September 5, 2006

an icon

 after two and a half days in singapore, it’s great to be back! in my own room. lying on my own bed. fetal position under my own comforter. nice. dim. comfy. cold. then the monday morning alarm hits you. 7am. wake up. back to reality.

i will definitely write something about my trip; from the decadent chocolate rum and cherry cake i had to refuse to the hippy, fun-nature loving couple at bollywood.

anyway, i’m sure most of you have heard about steve irwin’s sudden passing. it came as a shock to most of us who have watched him on satellite tv and read about him in the papers. i won’t pretend that i’m a big steve irwin fan and that i’ve watched plenty of his animal rescue, croc hunting programs because i don’t. i do know, however, he is a significant icon in what he does. 

initially i though it was one of those cruel jokes they play on celebrities and fans — like the one aishwarya rai supposedly ‘died’ in a car accident. curiousity got the best out of me so i did search online for credible news and it was true. immediately it brought me back to the eve of merdeka at gusto’s. the four of us… (actually one of us — the main brainwasher) was convincing us about heading to oz for a holiday – the beach during summer, fish ‘n’ chips with beer, the market, vineyards etc. basically everything australian minus the vegemite and the pecking magpies. that’s when master wong spoke up, “i wanna see steve irwin.” he was a big fan 🙂 the rest of us looked at him strangely.

so when i read the terrible news on irwin’s death, it is disheartening to find out that someone i know has lost a hero 😦



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