Posted by: dreymer | September 10, 2006

sheryl’s sexy twenty-six

happy birthday dearie! she definitely had a weeklong celebration with us 🙂

2nd sept (3 days before)

initial plans was to dine at courtyard garden but it was closed! on a sunday! so we decided to try jarrod & rawlins — another one those old bungalow houses converted to restaurant concept. we made a good choice.

we wanted meat so we ordered four different types of sausages which were cooked to order — cranberry and lamb was super and so was the super spicy pork sausages. the other two, which i can’t even recall was just so-so. hence, did not even bother to remember.

here’s me, jane and the birthday grrlie 🙂 looking back at the photos, it made me realize that it has been such a long time since three of us hung out together. i got to know jane through sheryl and once upon a time, during those awful college days, we used to go out almost every night. now, i hardly see jane. i think it’s because i hate the fact that she’s almost 5″11 — super long model legs. i’m dwarf-ed by her. i look like a bloody penguin next to her. those short, fat and clumsy ones. damn!

see what i mean.


sizzling sheryl

shocked jane

sleepy drey

here’s one for the archive

testing out sheryl’s new olympus

the camera has this cool function where you can do cute things like that. i’ve got a wing on my hand. i look ridiculous.

6th september (1 day after)

dinner at green lotus, kl.

walking down the aisle with my bride. haha..

“sawadeeeekapppp, welcome to gleen rotus. so sollly but it’s crosed. but we are still veli happyyyyy”

this is our second time here. we sat at a different section this time.

apple tea in a pot. i love.

my favourite regulars

we had thai spice soup (too spicy but too hard to resist), deep-fried calamari, tofu omelette, four angled beans w/ shrimp and rendang ayam.

elvin’s revenge. he brought his camera this time to fight us off grrls!

i retired for the night. i took less than 4 pics. *shock*

wah. i like i like! all these ‘fake’ pics.

9th september (3 days after)

at decanter.

i made her happy by sticking only two candles. twenty yrs old right?

our birthday grrl again

fresnoians: elvin, aiwee, nini and edmund (i cropped myself out to avoid destroying this beautiful pic)

us again. we can ‘t get enough of each other. lol.

hope you had a great one babes 😉



  1. Those legs. Wow… *falls of chair* Ouch.

  2. -=Thanks Princess.. and Elf U guys were the most wonderful friends=-
    -=I shall vote Drey b and Elvin Elf kor kor ceh ceh of d yr=-

  3. HB Sher

  4. I also wan to eat…nofair nofair..

    I remember last year’s bbq(is it?) in sher’s house….haha.I don’t actually remember eating.Other than the potato salad with bigass garlic

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