Posted by: dreymer | September 17, 2006

singapore: the new retro finds

the long overdue entry on my short weekend to singapore. took half day leave on friday and drove down to the island. journey was quick and smooth sans horrid traffic.

this page on my trip has all the new old fashion thinghies that i found and like alot. hope you appreciate them as much as i do ūüėČ

a common sight in singapore; the red and white flag and hdb flats.

along orchard road, trees were wrapped in red and white polka dots. very cute. i think it was a promotional stint by ocbc bank and perhaps to coincide with singapore’s national day.

we had lunch at breeks in ngee ann city. they serve western and korean food.

i¬†like the retro 70s posters they have pasted on the wall. i kept taking¬†pictures that my mom commented that i look like¬†i just arrived from the kampung (village). come on¬†mommie, give me a break. the posters are really interesting. you¬†seldom¬†come across such¬†‘wallpaper’ anymore.

of course, her comment was actually directed to me when i started taking pictures of the floor tiles as well.¬†but but but… i fancy black and white mosaic ūüėź

grilled rosemary and garlic chicken. was ok.

yay! lunch at 3pm. finally! happy smile.

despite shopping for hours, i didn’t get much.¬†just a top from MNG and really cool car fresheners. i tell you, the topshop in singapore have about 10 times more goodies than the one over here. they also carry an american brand called blue q¬†that does toiletries – body shower gel, lip balm, body lotion etc. i simply couldn’t tear away from the display because of their outlook and you know me, i love toiletries and packaging. this brand had BOTH.

here are some stuffs that were super cool:

you can now wash away¬†your sins¬†with this liquid soap. i think i only need a squirt ūüėČ

virgin/slut bubble bath; pick one to match your mood.

i was tempted. very tempted to get the miso pretty (for obvious reasons — haha. what?! it’s very asian lookin’¬†and miso reminds me of japanese soup)….


… but pushed the devil aside and decided on three car fresheners instead. my shit don’t stink, total bitch and ass, gas or grass. i think i’ll present my sis with ‘total bitch’ since it doesn’t really suit me. lol.¬†my shit really don’t stink, man!

the packaging behind…

can you guess what this is? it’s a tin of sugarfree peppermint. it also has a mirror inside which is useful for those spinach-stuck-between-teeth moments.

and back at the friendly farm – aunt’s place, she has photos of the family stuck on the kitchen wall. b&w and coloured. from the 1950s when¬†my aunties had curvaceous 24 inches waist to the 1980s when doning a poodle perm hairstyle was considered trendy.


my grandparents on their wedding day. aren’t they a handsome couple?

my uncles and aunt as kids…

and can you guess who’s that lil’ one? ūüėČ you now know that i’m not that old since the picture is coloured. lol.

to be continued…¬†how¬†awful can chocolate be and¬†explore¬†the greener side of singapore with me….



  1. i think i need one of those wash away sin soap…

  2. would one be enough? hee hee hee

  3. wahh…i like…nice stuff!!

  4. yea i love ’em. it’s so pretty.. thank gawd i was broke!

  5. Thank You

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