Posted by: dreymer | September 18, 2006

singapore: the deceiving dessert shop

is this a furniture shop with an odd name on jalan kuras?

or a bakery with a unique concept? you wouldn’t know that it’s a chocolate cake shop unless someone told you. awfully chocolate is far from awful.

instead of the usual refrigerated cake display, they had coffee table books on chocolate dessert placed on a low, long bench against the wall. a quick read while you wait for your order.


they only have three types of cake on the menu: chocolate, chocolate banana and chocolate rum and cherry. we made order for the third.

also on the menu… hei; very dark chocolate ice-cream.

i heard it was very good 😐 (i’m on a one month no-(fake)-sugar-self-torment regiment)


dinner at coca steamboat

not my favourite type of meal but it wasn’t up to me decide. if i had to choose, it’ll be that chocolate rum and cherry cake 🙂

L-R: ‘ollie’ (as grandma used to call me), grans, and my cousins sharon and joanne. i know, we all DON’T look alike at all.

after dinner, it was another birthday – wynnie’s. we sang our voice out at the diamond dust karaoke.

here’s wyn all pink!

and then to rouge to watch the band perform. not bad 😉

i didn’t take much pictures that night since it was my first time meeting all of them except for wynnie of course. i didn’t want them to think i was snap happy. the critics might think i’m from kampung sungai ara. lol. my willpower to ‘no’ sugar crumbled into pieces when offered a lychee martini. i could push away decadent dessert and a couple of peach and raspberry vodkas but when it came to lychee martini, i just had to have it. after all, lychee = fruit = real sugar. guess who is in denial? bad dreymer, bad! that wasn’t the end of it. we had our late night, early morning supper of bak kut teh at 4am. 

to be continued… rise and shine at 9am (gawdangit i’m on vacation, woman!) and we were off to bollywood…




  1. I miss Singapore!

  2. fly to singapore!

  3. hey did not know u were in s’pore!

  4. just for two nights. very short 🙂

  5. Damn that chocolate cake looks orgasmic. Woohoo! Might try to give it a visit when I go in Nov.

  6. Reminds me of max brenner ;choc by the bald man


    SING 21 for a slice of cake abit the cut throat rite???But I bet it was worth all that dough!

  7. not a single slice but a whole cake! i think only 1/2 kg though.. so yeah, it’s expensive but better to put fattening food that’s worth it into your tummy.

    i heard the chocolate layer is kinda jello-ish.

    i love max brenner’s hot chocolate.

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