Posted by: dreymer | September 19, 2006

singapore: green w/ envy

nice to know that there are trees in singapore too 🙂 


welcome to poison ivy, the bistro that serves organic food right from their funky farm – bollywood veggies

did you know that alamanda looks like this: (or am i the only ignorant one?)

pink frangipani. i like.

they have rows of banana trees there. it’s no wonder their specialities include banana loaf and banana cake.

the different stages of a banana tree. first, it grow up straight like how most trees do..

notice how tiny the bananas are?

it’s about an inch long

after a couple of months (i guess), the flower dangles down along with its fruit.

and there you have it.. fully ripen bananas ready to be peeled and eaten…

that’s mr lim behind the counter. they also sell organic veges and the banana cake/loaf that i mentioned earlier along with kueh bingkar– tapioca cake.

dad said (back in the good ol’ days), sugar cane like this only costs $0.30.

the menu

the food was simple because it was low in salt and no MSG — like home cook (ok, maybe relevant to my own home). portions were small so we ordered different dishes to try. i like the mani chye vege (something like paku pakis)

all green!

i couldn’t do without my black coffee…

and then it was dessert. from the top clockwise: kueh bingkar, banana cake and kueh kosui (tapioco with mollasses covered with coconut shavings)

i also heard it was good 😐

that’s the end of my short trip to singapore 🙂 ta!



  1. Sounds like you had fun! 🙂

  2. yeah.. i’ve visited singapore a thousand times but never knew such place existed 🙂

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