Posted by: dreymer | September 21, 2006

my size five feet

i could have said yes and gone for it but decided against it. if it doesn’t excite you, why bother? i followed my gut instincts and i believe i made the right choice.

making a decision in life is like selecting the perfect pair of shoes. if you fall in love with the first pair you lay your eyes on, you and that stilettos were meant to be. it’s something like ‘love at first sight’ and i’m a firm believer that such a thing can happen. (the only difference is that i only apply this concept to inanimate objects esp. when i’m shopping) even after browsing through displays of kitten heels, wedges, platforms and flats and that particular pair of high heels you first saw still replay in your mind — it is out right obvious that you must have it.

you take it. you buy it. you wear it. you’re happy and proud. you want to wear it everyday.

the shoes that i was referring to was good:

  • it was the perfect combination of brands…
  • not so comfortable but still sturdy…
  • could last you this season but its future is questionable..

but…. it was a size three — it was just too small for my size five feet 🙂

(i love symbolism!)



  1. blogteaser..!!

    you gonna give me a heart attack from all that anticipation of a juicy fe(e)at

  2. how many times you ‘almost’ have heart attack already?? hee hee hee

  3. yeah.i think hor you are trying to kill me.

    luckee i dont have a foot fetish.if not sure die already

  4. I used to enjoy your posts like I do sourrain’s and mooiness’. However, as of late I am beginning to notice the trend of you making everything seem so vague that I’m losing the connection… Err… I don’t know if you understand me but what brought me to your posts was the sense of relation I had when you shared about your feelings, your daily life, you ups and downs. Suddenly, for the past few months, you changed your style of blogging. Perhaps that was because you didn’t want to divulge too much, especially since your blog is public and anyone could read it. However, it in a way saddens me as I feel somewhat there’s a gap now. I cannot relate or understand your symbolisms and it frustrates me each time. I so miss your old blogging style – very much a girl-next-door blog, yet it felt personal… Oh sheesh – who I am to complain?! But I truly hope you will somehow be able to bring back that old dreymer’s blog someday.
    Still, I wish you happiness in whatever it is your blog is about!

  5. @FridayNote: First of all, thank you for the comparison. But I don’t see anything wrong with this post leh. I particularly like the metaphor between buying a shoe and finding the right man. What’s so vague about that? When she wants to reveal the guy, she will lah! It’s all about the build up – like foreplay. 😉

    @Drey: you keep writing the way you’ve been writing! Ppl change and hence so does the writing. As sourrain has mentioned before, sometimes blog readers tend to get a little possesive of our writing styles. Sometimes I feel like saying, “hey, if you don’t like the ride, you can always step off.” 😀

  6. oh.

    i didnt know she talking about men..

    i thought it was male genatilia

  7. @sourrain: Hahahah! Oh man, that makes sense too. And the post is even funnier now!

  8. FridayNote: see what you’ve started! it was an innocent (like you said) girl-next-door entry!!!

    mooiness and sourrain: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA it is actually pretty funny now that you’ve mentioned. sourrain is a size 7 right? LOL.

  9. mooiness/dreymer: Hmm… But I don’t wanna step off!!! Okie – point taken, I am beginning to get possessive of your writing style. I need a holiday.

  10. actually i am a size 8.5US, size 5.5UK


    is my feet too big?

    fridaynote:Don’t take it too harshly; a blogger’s style change and evolve with time – usually dependant on what they are going through in real-life. You should’ve read the shit that I wrote when I first started…..i spent 3 months moaning about a guy and that was the subject of my blog – dreybee do you remember that blog??

  11. i remember your feet being big 🙂

    yeah i remember the blog. I WAS THERE TO WITNESS WHAT WENT IN THE BLOG 🙂 helluva ride. i think we almost fought. lol.

  12. farnee man that blog..teehee..every day without fail talking about this guy.

    its things like this you look back on, and laugh at yourself. yet you also admire yourself for how far you have grown and evolved.It’s footprints of you in time, suspended in air like a ghostly reflection

    btw, did u also know my feet is wide?Extra girth.

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