Posted by: dreymer | September 22, 2006


it finally all arrived! i’m so glad i was around to greet the highlight to every bedroom — the bed! i got myself a dresser too and i love it because it has a full length mirror. slide it to the left and you can keep your cosmetic and toiletries. over on the right (difficult to see, i know), there are shelves for additional stuffs. also with a light above! so ah lian… i like!

a tiny square-shaped stool for you to rest your ass..

the bed frame.. i was waiting for the mattress. two side tables and adjustable head rest. perfect. (it looks shiny coz i didn’t remove the cling wrap yet)

and after i dressed up the bed…

i love fat pillows

the big bed just for me me me meeeeeeeee 😉



  1. why your pillowcase got coconut tree gehhhhh?

  2. it’s not a coconut tree!!! it’s a flower!!!

  3. omg i have the same sheets ….. :O

  4. Damn that bed looks expensive but hey, a good night’s sleep is priceless.

    And I too saw a coconut tree. Hahahah!

  5. gerry: hahaha.. it was a very good deal right? it’s so soft and smooth 🙂

    mooiness: it’s OK — not that ex. i love low beds and i just had to get this. hehe at first glance it does look like coconut tree..

  6. Very nice looking bed. The girl lying on it looks cute too. 🙂

  7. at night when you sleep does the coconut monster offer you some santan?

  8. no… the only thing i’m afraid of is the coconut from the tree dropping on my head 😛

    what la.. santan monster ah?

  9. i like this picture of you!

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