Posted by: dreymer | September 23, 2006

lights, camera, action

YaY! we’re finally done with our big event of the year. i don’t want to ellaborate too much since i don’t talk about work stuffs in blogs. still.. i’m gonna mention what i’ve been busy with the last couple of months.

we did our shoot in 2 days! amazing stuff.. we worked with a great team and production crew. i have never been to a video shoot before so it was definitely an eye-opener for me. the number of takes they had to make because of bad lighting and the level of detail that was put in to ensure that the scene looks real. wow!

anyways, our 30mins video was aired ‘live’ at a convention centre between kl and pj to the industry. here are some snippets of the shooting that i managed to snap. see if you can recognize our stars.

here’s the gist of the movie: ‘get hitched’ is a spoof of the movie ‘hitch’ starring will smith and eva mendes. the guy in black plays a love doctor helping out the guy holding the soft toy in an attempt to win the heart of a beautiful lady (not pictured).

— lots of hardwork, research, laughter and caffeine was put into this production.

i need that vacation now! now! now!



  1. What’s the shopping cart for? Heh heh.

  2. something like declare your love on a trolley ad.. haa.. long story..

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