Posted by: dreymer | September 25, 2006

what’s new, lunabliss?

we’ve been quiet for a while……….. 


….. but that doesn’t mean we have not been working on new creations. here’s what we have in store for you this season. many of you have suggested that we diversify our products — especially for those of you who don’t have your ears pierced. we listened to your suggestions and here they are:


RM 35 (created and designed by sheryl)

RM 35 (created and designed by sheryl)

RM 32 (created and designed by sheryl)

we have more designs and would love to share our work with you. wanna email us? lunabliss at gmail dot com

our designs are unique and one of a kind (because we have short term memory and can’t remember how to replicate designs).

fyi lunabliss will be setting up a stall (again!) soon. watch out for updates 🙂



  1. hahahah

    thats true wei..short term memory and can’t replicate designs.but dont bocor the secret mar..

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