Posted by: dreymer | September 26, 2006

one month from today…

this will be reality…





  1. Have fun there. Remember to bring your own bottled water…

  2. Work I assume? That should be fun. Colleague’s been there – and I don’t think the street food there is any more lethal than that in KL or Penang for that matter. Just have to be sensible. 🙂

    Btw, Mili said you can’t blog from work but you can cam-whore? 😀

  3. anttyk: oh definitely! i’m gonna be well prepared — all sorts of medication too.

    mooiness: no no no.. vacation! 🙂 yeah, i cam-whore from home la.. tee hee hee

  4. why you making kisskiss hughug pictures all…and nekkid shoulders! we like nekkid shoulders – heck,nekkid anything 🙂

  5. wow
    this sounds exciting! make sure to also take some things to keep those nekkid shoulders warm!:)

  6. Mumbai? Medications? Ask me! Ask me! hahahha.. :p

  7. you’re going to INDIA!!! sorry, can’t blame me for being jealous since i’m indian and all. will this be your frist trip? you should get all your immunizations in order before hand and take some malaria preventative medication with you. they have bottled water there, no need to bring your own. i can’t wait to hear your impressions – both good and bad. yay. hope you have time to travel and hang out a bit.

  8. sourrain: doesn’t it make sense to you now??

    will: thanks. will have something fuzzy to keep me warm 😉

    yeech: why? can get discount or not? hee hee

    vidya: yes, my first trip. wow.. are you serious about getting immunizations, malaria preventive medi..?? even if i’m gonna be in the city most of the time? 😐 will definitely update you.

  9. Can… For ah leng lui friend sure got discounts! Just have to tell me what you need… hahahaha.. 🙂

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