Posted by: dreymer | September 27, 2006

“let’s meet up over coffee…”

i did some spring cleaning the other day. not the usual ‘clearing the sty’ that i do sporadically (ok, rarely). a better description of it would be ‘digital clean up’.

i went through my MSN contact list and deleted about 20 over names. i also scrolled through the phone book in my cellphone and junked about 30.

it was easy to delete those that i rarely chat/sms/talk to. the hard part came when you had to comtemplate whether to junk the “maybes”.

the maybes are defined as: acquaintances that you bump on the street/mall/restaurant/club and they’ll go, “hey, so nice to see you again.” followed by the faux hug-hug-kiss-kiss. they usually cut short the conversation with “anyway we should really catch up over coffee/lunch/drinks… what’s your cellphone number?” you exchange number and that would be the last time you ever speak/talk to that person. ah… the typical sign-off.

i actually had someone – an ex-classmate who emailed me once and made some small talk about how long it has been since we last met. she ended the email with, “we should really meet up for coffee.” i replied with, “are you serious about coffee or is that just a way to say goodbye?” i did mean it in jest and hopefully she’ll laugh about it.

i did not get a reply or hear from her since.

maybe i drive people away with my straightforward remarks. i am pathetic. i will live alone and have no friends! 🙂 lol. seriously, i have no time for people like that. do ask me out to meet if you mean it, if not, saying ‘goodbye’ and ending it like that is perfectly fine.

don’t you think so?



  1. Agree! Life is too short to be wasted on half-arsed and insincere people.

    Hehe I really like the way you replied your friend’s email. Classic.

  2. why my friends never end their emails with “we should really meet up and get drunk – we need to catch up on that” ?

  3. when i cross people like that, i write the number on my phone, then forget to click the save button! oh how stupid of me:)

  4. Hmm… ya… should delete all those inactive people! hehhe.. 🙂 But sometimes aa… cannot blame them lerr… Work mah… busy mah… hahahhaa… :p

  5. wah… who is this siew hei person?? tell tell…. someone we both know?

  6. ugh, yes, i hate people like that too. it’s so insincere that i’m left at a loss of how to reply. usually, i just say, “sure!” and walk away. have you come up with a good response for in person meetings?

  7. uhuh, its the kind of “politeness” that we can do without. hehe.

  8. sourrain: becoz u are insane when you’re drunk? hahaha

    will: very clever. you’re a bigger trickster than me..

    yeech: using work is such a bad excuse. we will ALWAYS be busy because of work. i believe that if a person is important, you WILL make time. like you’ve said before — better time management.

    gerry: you know you know! primary school. i will tell you when i see you.

    seekvidya: i agree! insincere! but like i said, i really don’t care. if you come back with a sarcarstic line, they probably be too slow to catch it. haa..

    midnitelily: hey! hi there..

  9. ok… ok… hahahha… sorry lah… hehee…. Whoaa… using my (did I say this before? Sorry… Overworked for the past 2 weeks.. 10 to 13 hours per day for the past few days.. Very forgetful these days… hahaha… ) words back at me… Very good! Salute! hahahah…

  10. I like it when people say – I’ll see you around. Instead of the usual lies – I’ll call you la, let’s meet up this weekend la…

  11. you still have my email address than??? hehe

  12. plus2: of course!!

  13. Coffee?

  14. johann: bluff!

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