Posted by: dreymer | October 3, 2006

disappointment is..

when you found the perfect pair of turqoise peephole shoe, bargained it from RM89 to RM70 and looks nothing like what the other retailers have……. but when you ask for your size, they didn’t have it, they only bring in two pairs per size, per colour and very unlikely that they would get more summer trend shoes from HK.

you could settle for a size bigger.. but then your best friend looks at you and shakes her head with disapproval.

sigh. i’m gonna have a piece of choco now.



  1. Well, doesn’t matter lah… Who knows you’ll get a much more “perfect” pair of shoes the next round you go shopping?! And can bargain from RM80 to RM60… hehe… Go pamper yourself with some chocolate… Ferrero Rocher? hehe.. :p

  2. That’s life, I guess. You may find something you like, but it may not suit you. Sigh…

    Chocolate ice cream from Baskin Robbins would do the trick. 🙂

  3. i totally understand how u feel and i sympathize with u 😦

  4. Poor thang.. Happened to me just last nite. Saw a funky pair of “blingy” sneakers – going 20% off, but they did not have ’em in my size, sad… At least you didn’t force yourself to buy them in the wrong size. Would’ve been a pain to waer.

    Oh, well. There’ll be other shoes…

  5. thank you all for your words of comfort.

    shoes are like men, if you can’t find the one you like you go on trying till you find the right one that fits 🙂

    too bad for turquois but i found another pair and he’s white 🙂 hehe

    (i’m kidding about drawing comparisons between shoes and men… they are so different.)

  6. bullshit – men are exactly like shoes:)

    You need to step on them,you can pick and choose to your heart’s content – color included :). Even price. There is a price to pay for every man,you just need to know whether you’re willing to pay for it.

  7. Ehhh.. don’t like that… :p Not all men are like that.. :p

  8. M&M should help in these difficult moments 😉

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