Posted by: dreymer | October 10, 2006

kena saman (got fined)

it wasn’t a great week for me last week. i got fined for cutting line at the traffic lights. there wasn’t even a double white line when i signalled to the other lane.  to think about it, how can it be an offense when the car behind allows you to cut in? if it doesn’t bother them, why is that breaking the law?

i could have voiced an argument (which i know is a lose-lose situation) but at that moment, you are just tongue-tied. instead of lashing out on how ridiculous it is to fine me over a minor offense, the best i could do was pull off this look:


as soon as i wound down my window, i swear i felt my pupils dilate. i was attemping the sad puppy face look but this puss-in-boots kitty kat would work too. without uttering a word, i just stared at the cop until he looked back and asked, “kenapa?” (“why are you looking at me like that?”) . gentlemen, we call that the classic damsel in distress look.

that didn’t work. along with my sad, pathetic coverlines:

“it’s my first offense ever! please.. just give me a warning!!”

“i don’t have any money for the fine… i only work as a clerk!!”

i still got a ticket. dang.

before i sped off, he asked if i was on the way back from work to meet my hubby. i told him that i was not married so i didn’t have a husband.

“if you don’t have a husband, then you must be meeting up with your boyfriend,” he questioned.

i was puzzled and replied, “no, i don’t have a boyfriend.”

“nah.. i tak percaya (i don’t believe), you surely have a boyfriend,” the police insisted.

“no.. really! i don’t!” i was getting a little annoyed. bastard.

more nonsensical emptiness comes out from his blabbing mouth, “come on.. blah blah blah blah.. you have one.. blah blah blah.”

i looked at him with my half tulan-jeling face and said in a pathetic but joking manner. “sigh… you are making more sad right now. first you fine me… and now you’re emphasizing that i don’t have a boyfriend when i should have one!!!!!”

realizing he must have pushed the wrong button he excuses himself, “ok ok.. go. i need to break my fast already.”

“yayaya.. go break your fast.” grr..

(obviously, the attempt to make him feel bad didn’t work either. worth the try.)



  1. I was so worry that he is going to ask ur number or something….hmm…what a got nothing to do and talk way too much police. But i would really like to see your face in person!

  2. he memang want your number – that is what we call authority flirting – hoping that you’ll give him your number cos he is DA polis and you are DA damsel

    padahal you damn toolan him. i like!

  3. Hahaha. I can’t believe he didn’t ask for duit kopi.

  4. aiyo… poor Drey…

  5. Poor police man! Drey intimidated him so much that he did not have the guts to ask for her number!

  6. plus2: something like bobo, but less cute and convincing 🙂

    sourrain: no way. looked like he was married w/ 5 kids.

    anttyk: heh. i restrict the content of my blog.

    yeech: yeah.. very POOR already.

    will: OLD MAN la..

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