Posted by: dreymer | October 11, 2006

the social mooncake

lynn!!! 🙂

perfectly flawed…

segregation cease to exist…

can you keep a secret?

isolated and ignored /// unique and special?

secret rendevous…

lean on me…

the essence of life is missing… incomplete… souless…

note: nobody suffered from any form of food poisoning due to my handling of the food. phew.



  1. Wah lau. Mooncakes existentialism. Cheem eh … 😀

  2. yet another murder mystery novel by dreybee!

    Who killed the mooncake? Isit the greedy bee or isit the yolk-less mooncake?

  3. Very profound.

  4. hmm… Drey, you ate the best part of the mooncake and leave the rest is it? The last pic one.. hilang oledi! ahaha… :p

  5. yea.. i only eat the yolk. haha

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