Posted by: dreymer | October 12, 2006

rayando el sol


i made full use of my friday day off last week and applied for my visa. the public holiday on tuesday allowed me to collect my visa without having to apply any leave. perfect timing.

we are just two thursday away until i take my five hours flight to mumbai. it is very exciting since it will be my first trip to the land of goan chicken vindaloo, feni and COWS. anyway, a trip to any country is always fascinating but i think this is the one that i’ve researched the most. right from where to go, what to drink and eat, when to bargain. lovely. i’ve also been stalking blogs on goa 🙂 i don’t know if it is pure coincidence but have you noticed that they have been broadcasting documentaries/travelers’ reviews on india in discovery travel & living on astro (channel 11) lately?

my travel packing list is almost completed– in columns according to type of items in an excel spreadsheet. cells are colour-coded to indicate which bag my belongings should go in. items with an asterisk means that i need to buy before i leave. 

please don’t laugh at me and call me anal.

(we’ll see how organized i am on the day i really do start to pack)



  1. maybe it’s cos Deepavali is this mth? (re: india docos on discovery travel & living) heheh… hope u ve a fun trip! work or holiday?

  2. Oooo….. interesting… sounds exciting!

  3. anal!no need to pack – all you need is diarrohea pills(lots of it) and bikinis.Oh,toilet paper too 😛

    (dont blame me,im just jealous)

    btw:me like your new template

  4. i already got the diarrhea pills from my doc in exchange i had to listen to his india stories. you know those stories backdated to 1952??? 😐

    yes.. i loveeeeeee this template!!! 🙂

  5. Love the templeate too, yes I agree about the Bekinis, great idea Sourrain, Drey are u serious about the excel sheet!!!???????????

  6. re: india docos on discov travel&living, methinks cos of deepavali month? ^_^

    ur trip sounds like its gonna be fun. work or hol?

    new templ brown making me crave chocolate =P

  7. Yes, great template!

    And have a fantastic trip to India! When are you going again?

    Can’t wait to see your photos. 🙂

  8. midnight lily: that could be it… in the spirit of deepavali. going there for holiday 😉

    yeech: thanks thanks. can u recommend some live bacteria tablets?

    will: i’m very serious. u must think i’m weirder now.

    mooiness: leaving next week. i can’t wait to take photos of cows on the beach (and i’m not describing about anyone in particular) hee hee

  9. under all the dirtiness there is still a lot of beauty inside – hope you have a great, safe trip. my parents are leaving for mumbai on sunday… seems like everyone gets to go except for me -pout- lol. make sure to find a nice spa in goa (there are plenty) and get a nice massage.. i hear they have a full body oil (!!) massage that is suppossed to be amazing!

  10. even in the city? it’s ok.. i’m used to it. i don’t live in singapore or tokyo. lol. i’ve checked out the spas in goa and gotten some quotes too. yeah, they have the normal full body massages and also ayurvedic therapy. i’m tempted to try that! lotsa massages and scrubs for me!

    happy divali 🙂

  11. Great idea gappa, Drey i support her, find a special full body massage treatment, i heard in Goa you can always get nice ones!:)

  12. sorry me double posted. word press has a knack of banning my nick =(

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