Posted by: dreymer | October 20, 2006

to sum it up

dreym vacation


it is friday…. which means i’m officially on holiday! my company has given us extra two days off due to the festive celebration. even then i’m still gonna finish off some work stuffs during the weekend and be dad’s ‘seksa’tory to earn some pocket money.

friends and colleagues have been scaring me.  as soon as i mentioned that i’ll be holidaying in india, their immediate feedback, “gasp! why!?” which is followed with:

“bring a few bottles of mineral water!”

“get your shots and take live bacteria tablets!”

“don’t forget the mosquito repellent!”

“dress decently!”

anyway, being slightly paranoid and obsessive-compulsive, i’ve got everything covered.  i even drafted out my travel itinerary on accomodation, flight number, insurance and emergency contact numbers to my sis and the worry-warts. my sis was like, “wow.. sounds like you are writing a will.” basket.

sarath is a US citizen!

in vermont

YaY! congrats Sarath.

mom’s astonishing one liner

“if you don’t find a boyfriend by next year you are getting out of the country!”

she really wants me to get rid of me. not only did my parents made extra effort to find THEIR own place to stay (after i’ve made absolutely no effort of gettin my own place — i’m sucha leech),  i think it’s her final straw to see me leave! how sweet moms are. i’m really not that bad.

hmmm… i’m beginning to piece the puzzle on why she didn’t bore any sisters/brothers after me.

have a safe and fun longgggggggg weekend everyone!



  1. I REMEmBer that fish!!

    Omg, we must’ve killed nearly 100 goldfish in that space of two months…my last one wouldn’t die,so I named it travis.Remember?Then I didn’t rinse out his bowl properly, thus killing long-lived travis:(

    and yours! eating up all the other goldfishes that would dissapear like as if they were in bermuda triangle!

  2. gawd.. ur parents MOVED OUT cos you wouldn’t?! @_@ wow.

  3. Enjoy your holiday… 🙂

  4. good luck to you….and have fun!!! tell me everything after u come back!

  5. The surviving one form Audrey was named ‘Audrey’ after she gave it to Simon. And lil-Audrey gave birth to some young little Audrey junior as well later… Audrey’s such a survivor!

    Take care and becareful, have a fun trip 🙂

    Congrats to Sarath!

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