Posted by: dreymer | November 18, 2006

Mumbai: Nobody says no

(a continuation to day 2 in mumbai. i’ve reposted the first part — i’m just too busy to rewrite la… hee hee) 

this is the view of the arabian sea and the other side of mumbai from our room on the 17th floor. morning!

more malaysian delights


and the chocolate stash i got from meanie. YaY!

and pupu. he’s so fat that the ribbon was stapled on.

time to explore mumbai, we asked the concierge to recommend areas with restaurants. about two traffic lights away from the hotel, there are rows of eateries that we can choose from. since it was walking distance, we decided to get baked under the scorching indian sun and savour the scent and sounds of mumbai streets.

an unsual scene; streets are never this empty.

the three-wheeler tuk-tuk

the common taxi

and it is also common for a lady in a sari to ride on a bike with her legs on one side. as you can see, the helmet just doesn’t accessorize well. look at the spare tyre (the rubber one, not her tummy!)

…. and then we got lost. we couldn’t locate ANY restaurants. the more we asked around, the further we walked to no where. instead of fuming mad, it was quite funny and we laughed about it. we ended up going back to the hotel twice for further clarification. oh.. so it was the THIRD set of traffic lights and not the second. damn. we took a taxi instead that cost us about RM2.50.

when we got there, we walked back and forth till we finally picked something that we could agree on – shiv sagar.

it was a small and cramp li’l cafe. the menu was diverse serving local indian to chinese. we did have a hard time selecting a few dishes because they didn’t have any description of the food.

so we asked the waiter, “where’s the meat?”

“sorry sir, this is a vegetarian restaurant.” oh no.

i continued to sip my bottle of coke and came across rava masala dosa on the menu. sounded familiar.. that would be like our m’sian masala tosei! i’ll take that. the waiter did recommend two other dishes to us and we were kept guessing on what would be served to us. we love surprises (in this case, we didn’t have much choice).

the rava masala dosa was superb!

our first surprise; the pashwari vege – tomatoes, peas and cheese

and another surprise dish: green blob of blended spinach with hidden tofu cubes

guess what? it tasted really good with naan. i know it does look like overtly fibrous droppings 🙂

sunset over the arabian sea…

@ night in mumbai – dome, intercontinental hotel

a rooftop cocktail lounge overlooking the mumbai skyline. we were a little late so we missed the sunset and a good seat. however, it was still marvelous . not crowded for a friday night though. where were all the beautiful people?!


the candles add a warm glow to the lounge

i love their laid-back setting of white sofas and ceramic lanterns.

enjoying the local kingfisher beer…

on the second level, there’s a swimming pool…

and how could anyone resist these white sun beds with huge pillows! i know i couldn’t! 🙂

unimpressed with their appetizer menu for dinner, we decided to pig out room-service style. don’t ya love it when the cart is pushed in to your room and then like magic you have your food?

siew mai for starters

meanie got his meat…

my mutton briyani in a claypot… so yummy!

and a bottle of bubbly…

to be continued… go go goa!



  1. so pwetty youuuu…and pupu too..does he bear choc too?

    btw: spinach with tofulike cheese is Palak Paneer..I love nice right the cheese

  2. mils: i think that’s what it’s called! i wrote it down somewhere.. now i can’t find that piece of paper 🙂 it’s really good, i was shocked that i would enjoy it since it didn’t look palatable at all. oh it’s cheese and not tofu?? lol.
    if you push pupu’s tummy.. he will bear out some chocos 🙂 he’s special!

  3. eeek! I also want a pupu! He poo out malteasers or m&ms?I wonder where to find a beautiful stranger to get me a pupu

    Yes, shaped like tofu.Don’t really taste like cheese cause it’s homemade cheese from indian cows.Aiya, I don’t know how to explain…but Paneer is cheese in tamil/hindi.And obviously Palak is spinach

  4. pupu can poo out anything.

    it didn’t taste like cheese that’s why i thought it was tofu. anyway, it was good. i’m impressed with your knowledge on indian food. is UK the new india? hee hee hee 🙂

  5. *aherm

    After our jalan jalan in Penang I think you ought to change your sentence to ‘I’m impressed with mili’s food knowledge PERIOD’. Anyway, the first time I tasted palak paneer was somewhere near your office la,not UK.

    Wait till you hear me order in Vietnamese.

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