Posted by: dreymer | November 19, 2006

Goa: Our Reis Margos Villa

“it’s a 25 year old airline that uses those propeler jets.”

“but the website mention that flights are on boeing 737s.”

“yeah. i’m kidding. it’s fine! let’s book our tickets.”

grrr.. and that was because we were unsure on this airline reputation and reliability especially with a name like that! we reach goa safely (most important factor when choosing an airline) but there was a delay and the aircon totally sucked (punctuality and comfort are also very important factors which the airline can improve on)

we did scout around for apartment/villa to rent and came across lazyday’s in goa.

welcome to baywatch at reis margo


the main door

the latch

i think the pictures they have on the website does no justice to this place. upon arrival, we were greeted by julia and john (i forgot his name but he looks like a john) who gave us  a mini tour around the place and also went through some important info about goa (like where to eat and party!). we also had reema (housekeeping), baba (driver) and nayek (guard and bug killer) to help us to make our stay most comfortable.

the living room with very sturdy sofas 😉

the terrace overlooking the bay. no wonder it’s called baywatch.

our own private deck (not exactly private — you find fishermen and kids playing crrrricket  on the beach)

in the villa next to us were honeymooners – julia and pierre (i can’t remember his name either but because he was french, he’s automatically a pierre). they were leaving the next day we arrived. we introduced ourselves and i was the only iliterate and comprehensively retarded french speaker amongst three of us. luckily julia was english so she shared her recommendations with me (in anglaise of course!) on where to go etc. later we found out that they’ve only been to the beach once! “hah, losers!” meanie smirked. (but later you’ll know why)

guests of this villa could choose to leave a word or two in the residence’s guest book. we went through each entry and majority (actually all!) were from the UK! hmm.. their perception and thoughts were rather fascinating. hmm.

most mornings, we would enjoy our malaysian ipoh white coffee or juice on the terrace while snacking on pineapple tarts, fresh fruits (first time i cut a REAL pineapple! yes, with thorns and all. wow!) and biscuits.

one morning, chef sous meanie whipped up a mean tomato and cheddar cheese omelette — the only ingredients we had in the fridge. reema also fetched us fresh bread (wrapped in newspaper! — i almost fainted but decided against it since i had to try meanie’s hard work in the kitchen!).

assistant dreymer gave the eggs a good beating.

sliced cheddar cheese

looking good…

we actually told nayek to get us fresh milk too. we were expecting warm fresh milk straight from the cow in tiny plastic bags! guess what we got?! pasteurized fresh milk in a carton from nestle! hahahaha!

the best meal and best view we had in goa (you gotta know which side of the bread to butter.. in this case, it’s meanie’s side!)

the little creatures in baywatch; kissy ants

a spider

the isolated crow

(we also had a few visitors to the house – a tiny iguana-ish lizard, a salamandar – our local house cicak and a moth). the moth was cool but a girl with a mop and running in and out of the bathroom everytime its wings fluttered was even cooler. i don’t even want to mention what meanie was doing.

the sunset at reis margos is amazing… you just wanna sit on the deck and watch the sun go down while the mosquitoes feast on your feet.

to be continued… the beaches of goa…



  1. Wow. The last picture… Damn nice.

  2. it’s even more beautiful to you see the real thing 🙂

  3. love the terrace overlooking the bay and the semi-private beach! how’s the weather? was it humid & sticky? could you smell the salty ocean? hmmm i miss that!

  4. the first few days in goa was humid and sticky then it got cooler especially during the nights 🙂

  5. hi i am looking to contact the person who rents out Baywatch can you please forward me any details, as lazy days no longer have this on its books to rent out
    regards Lee Scott

  6. Sorry Lee, I don’t know.

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