Posted by: dreymer | November 20, 2006

Goa: The Sand and the Sea

if you are unfamiliar on goa beaches, here’s a map:

on the very next day, we were geared up to head to the beach. according to many tourist websites, the stretch along candolim, calangute and baga are the most popular beach hangouts. we expected to find many, many people there. we just didn’t expect to find this many:

local tourists were aplenty due to the divali and school holidays. as you walk along south or north of calangute, the crowd disperse but there were still many beach-goers.

holy cow! we knew we’d find them sunbathing under the sun.

and here’s a snippet of a very interesting creature. it’s a new breed of kangaroo-dog. try to figure out why:

beach activities like parasailing and banana boat are very popular on baga beach. it is no surprise to see locals dressed in slacks and work shirts at the beach.. what more, parasail. we think he must have a business meeting right after.

up, up….

and away…

since it was just the beginning of peak season in goa, beach shacks were scarce. right before the monsoon season, they would tear down these shacks and rebuild them in the beginning of november.

perhaps our expectations were too high or we have been exposed to more beautiful beaches in malaysia/thailand/cyprus/brazil/usa that we weren’t enthusiastic about the north beaches of goa. we were told that the southern areas like palolem and cavelossim were quieter and cleaner but we didn’t make a trip down south to see it for ourselves. the sand was neither white and fine nor the water crystal clear and blue. if i had to draw a comparison to a local malaysian beach, i’d say this is pretty much port dickson.

instead of being whiny spoilt-sports, we did enjoy the beach especially during sunset which i have to admit was one of the most beautiful moments in goa.

sunset at candolim beach

sunset at baga beach

she’s so gorgeous…

sunset right before a heavy downpour on sinquerim beach…

no matter what, you can always find beauty if you look hard enough…

since we didn’t spend alot of time on the beach, we explored many cafes/restaurants/lounges. instead of coming home with a nice golden tan, we gained a few pounds (ok, actually it’s just ME!) but with a list of our favourite eateries.

to be continued… goa – places to dine on the beach…



  1. I just caught up with the series of posts – very nice photos. They were almost relaxing as I gazed at them. 🙂

  2. I need a holiday. 😦

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