Posted by: dreymer | November 21, 2006

Goa: A Beachy Meal

palms and sand (between candolim and calangute, next to marquis beach resort)

we liked this place quite a bit that we visited here twice. there is a short path that leads to the restaurant and a friendly guard to welcome us… and to welcome us back again when we visited the 2nd time. he remembered! palms and sands serve local goan cuisine and seafood this is the entrace to their beach front restaurant.

twice we were there, we didn’t try their fresh seafood. but we made them show us their live lobsters!

we were about 15meters above the beach so we had a birds eye view of candolim beach.

chilled kingfisher

it’s so relaxing over here; even the dogs are lazy

see, we were really, REALLY on the beach.

we love the seafood springrolls that is serve with a generous portion of calamari

our first taste of local goan cuisine — chicken xacuti , fried chili pork sausages and pork vindaloo. to complement the various sauces – garlic naan and paratha (the paratha is not the same as our roti canai or paratha! it tasted like chapati!)

on our second visit to palms and sands, meanie suggested the butter chicken. it was the best mistake! it was so good that we had butter chicken many times after that. it’s so delicious and bad at the same time. the sauce made the perfect dip.


chicken tikka with french fries


good food, good view

bristo’s (end of baga beach)

unlike palms and sand where the restaurant is elevated, bristo’s is directly on the beach. we were about 200m from the sea. setting wise was just ok. looked old and rundown but at least they had fresh fruit juice on the menu! this beach front restaurants serves mostly indian and continental food.

fish curry and rice (not that great, could do without) and butter chicken (again!) with butter naan. all the artery-clogging food.

souza lobo (calangute beach)

unfortunately, we got to souza lobo about 9pm so it was impossible to take any pics due to the darkness. even after baba dropped us off at the main road, we had to walk a short path to the restaurant in the dark and rely on the illumination from our v3i.

there was a live band singing songs that our fathers could hum to. yeah.. golden oldies. it was our last night in goa and i’m glad we picked souza lobo as our finale. we had light dinner — seafood springrolls (not as good as palms and sands) and prawn (more like shrimp) curry with butter naan.

for dessert – chocolate sauce, vanilla ice-cream, crepe! mmmm.. wanna know more?

to be continued… sweets for my sweets!



  1. Those toes look like peanuts.

  2. peanut toes?? so many photos and you looked at my toes.

  3. who’s the other person in your “we”?

  4. Hehe. Kacang cap Ngan Ngin.

  5. vonne: me and my travel companion
    anttyk: bleh.

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