Posted by: dreymer | November 22, 2006

Goa: Here’s to you, Sweetie

sfx in taj holiday village resort 

sigh. we missed the wednesday anjuna flea market. seriously, that was MY highlight of the trip and i totally messed that up because i read that the market closes before sunset. 4pm is before sunset right?! just when we were all ready to roll our sleeves up to bargain and haggle, baba said the market is already closing. depressed and despondent, a decent dessert to up our sugar level was the answer to all misery (hee hee, it’s just shopping drey! *slap*)

the taj holiday village resort is one of the 5 star hotels up in north goa and we wanted to see what’s the fuss about. 

here’s the swimming pool area. looks pretty good eh?

directly opposite the hotel, you have a full view of fort aguada; the highlight of the hotel. the fort was built by the portuguese in 1612.

we had a million dollar view at sfx

since meanie stole my order “tropical something”, i opt for merry berry which turned out to be even nicer than meanie’s ice cream. ha ha ha!

happy glee; the ice cream?



or the picture perfect sunset?

la fenice (north candolim)

nutellaaaaaaaaaaaaa. if you love the choco-hazelnut spread on crepe, head over to la fenice. it’s an authentic (as they’ve claimed) italian restaurant in candolim. the tables are located over three levels and they are currently working on adding more space on the terrace/rooftop. food was pretty good (i’ll be writing more on their main dishes in the next couple of entries) and it was a nice break from curries and naan.

all out to dissect this thin, delicate crepe.


souza lobo (calangute beach)

i had a single scoop of vanilla ice-cream with choc fudge which was pretty simple and ordinary.  meanie had the restaurant’s specialty dessert. however i can’t remember the name. anyways, it had grated coconut and vanilla ice cream wrapped in a thin and light crepe. drizzled with chocolate sauce and sprinkled with peanuts – mmmmm.. good!

of course, if all fails there are always 31 flavours you can rely on – baskin robbins! mmm.. it was such a long day for us that afternoon. after we’ve discovered the beaches for the first time, were still perplexed over the raving reviews of baga PLUS we couldn’t find a nice decent cafe to lunch – we needed comfort food in a comfortable A/C room. (we sound like spoilt brats, don’t we? nah.. we’re very easy-going people, easily adaptable but we i just like to bitch.. *laughs*) 

double scoop please and no, we are not sharing.

you can imagine that by dinner time, we were extremely hungry that we ordered four main dishes between both of us! our waiter, melvin must think we are pigs…

to be continued… places to dine…



  1. So funnee your you self-holiday like that..I think hor, you conned us all and ran away to goa alone…all the time asking babu to take pictures of you!!Did babu like?

    anyway, where are pictures of me in goa having fun and eating ice cream? har har har?

  2. hahahahaha.. why did you burst my bubble? yeah i was actually alone. all my pictures were set on automatic timer. sometimes i have such huge hands too 🙂

  3. This post’s got a lot of ice cream in it. I miss the peanuts.

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