Posted by: dreymer | November 23, 2006

Goa: Restaurant Reviews

sea shell cafe (calangute)

there were two sides to the restaurant; open air or under a tent. we were the only doofus who chose to be away from people without a tent over our head. hence, the waiter’s attention on us were immediate and prompt. maybe a little too alert ūüėČ

our waiter, melvin was very friendly local chap. he kept asking us about our trip so far and how we like goa. speaking of melvin, i wanna ask you¬†if i look repulsive or fierce. that guy never speaks to me! not as if i was fighting for his attention but it just feels strange that i was ignored sometimes. he kept concentrating on meanie and i am beginning to wonder if he’s even gay. but you know what, it’s not me! it is later that i realized that most (not all)¬†local men would not talk to ladies. for instance, if i call out for a waiter, he would turn towards meanie and ask what HE needs.¬†so funny right?

he got our names mixed up too. he calls meanie –¬†‘audrey’ and i’m ‘leah’. what’s funnier is that meanie’s name is a far cry from leah. come on, “meanie” and “leah” — what’s the similarity?

back to our restaurant…

ah.. liquid joy – the ultimate thirst quencher! they still brand it as diet coke in india.

“we won’t be having any appetizers but we would like the kingfisher, shark, calamari and king prawns.”

“that’s four main courses, sir.”

“yes, she’s very hungry.”



food was alright for the price you pay which was pretty reasonable plus you can’t go wrong when you have french fries ūüėČ

at the end of our meal, melvin served us complimentary local brandy called honeybee. it was tooooooo strong for me. i took a whiff and a sip and it was enough for me. i wonder if the generosity had¬†anything¬†to do¬†with meanie aka ‘audrey’. hmm..

( a couple of days later we pass by this restaurant and melvin spotted us and said hello. yes, he continued to call meanie ‘audrey’.)

kebabs and curries (baga)

it was our first night in goa and we were already craving for seafood. crabs! lobsters! tiger prawns! calamari! seafood!

“baba.. we want to eat seafood.” [crabs! lobsters! tiger prawns! calamari! seafood!]

“ok seafood.”

and we arrived¬†at kebabs and curries, we wondered which part of the name hints to us that they would serve crustaceans or molluscs. really.. they don’t! grrr… baba!!!!

we sat outdoors — out in a mini garden with ceramic lanterns and candles.¬†yea, kinda romantic if there weren’t any mozzies.

king’s for two please…



for starters, we had puri which you can find aplenty in street vendors. it’s a flat pancake with mint sauce and alot of other stuffs. since we can never make up our minds on what on what type of roti to choose,¬†i suggested¬†the assorted indian bread. good choice! for the main; prawn gassi and tandoori boneless¬†chicken (pictured).

golden eye (calangute)

it was described in the baywatch villa file that it was a restaurant on beach. they lied. they do have fresh seafood here though and we were up for hard-shell food with claws that pinch. ouch.

a bottle of chantilly that complemented the white meat…

we were out in the garden; the night was cool and comfortable…

seafood broth (yum yum) and spicy peri-peri prawns (too spicy)

they had a weird mixture of interior decor. i don’t even know what was their main theme. this mural was pretty interesting though.

my pet lobster – larry (about RM 60 for the whole lobster minus the claws — wondered what happened to the claws hmm)

my pet lobster feelin’ empty

they had quite a vast menu but mainly specializing in seafood.¬† i wish i could tell you more about the restaurant but you know what white wine does to me ūüėČ

la fenice (candolim)

by this time, we have had enough of seafood. i did write an intro to this restaurant, so you might want to refer to that.

the cute croissont shaped rolls served with butter.. a great alternative to the flat bread we have been consuming!

we ordered a pasta — salmon with tagtalioni (ok, i don’t know how to spell fresh homemade pasta!!) the waiter was smart enough to split into two dishes since we were sharing. i am not a pasta with cream person. i always like my pasta with tomato-based sauce and i didn’t expect it to come with white cream. what more, when it’s mixed with salmon, it turns orange. wahlau! surprisingly, i loved it and because it was half a portion, it didn’t feel too jelak.

and a piece of STEAKKKKKKKKK! it is very rare to go somewhere that serves beef. i enjoyed this piece of meat done medium. too much mustard on the top though.

well yeah, here i am.. all alone during dinner. hee hee…

my god. i’ve never written about so much food before. writing this is making me feel queasy. can’t believe how much we ate but hey it was 7 days in goa! we needed to replenish our energy with good stuffs.

and finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..

fiesta (baga, opposite tito’s the club — woo happening (sarcarstic))

we would vote fiesta as the place with the best setting – it faces the beach, nice cozy lights, candles, sand, mecano playing in the background. in terms of food — hmm, very limited and ordinary.

after the night at kebabs and curries, we told baba we wanted to go somewhere with a crowd! he dropped us at baga and we were off to explore on our own like lost sheeps and that’s how we discovered fiesta.

i remember that it was such a warm night!¬†grrr.. sticky and¬†dusty. i needed something cold and¬†a frozen strawberry daiquiri was the answer! meanie wanted to order it too but¬†he thought it’ll make him less¬†macho since it’s such a girl’s drink. he was right.. my daiquiri came with a pink rose and a ribbon!

the pink brings out the colour of your eyes. really.  

parmesan cheese, chili flakes and ground black pepper in seashells…

complimentary… umm.. appetizer. i’ve no idea what it is called but it’s a piece of cracker/pancake with mint sauce, a clove of garlic (which was automatically swept off) and diced tomatoes. on the side, a pickled green chili.

the second time we visited fiesta it was for dinner. we had the pepperoni pizza and ravioli with pesto sauce.

i killed the pink rose further by neglecting it ūüė¶ it withered and died a painful death the next morning.

the litted path from the restaurant to the main street…

the bar by the pool in taj holiday village resort

kinda laid back place. i think most of the patrons were hotel residents. 

the bartender mixing our drinks

margarita and that drink which had feni in it! we were in goa, we had to try the cashew liquor.

restaurants not reviewed: the mermaid and the restaurant at the airport.

besides food, there are places to see in goa especially in old goa and panaji/panjim which is rich with portuguese influence.

to be continued… we don’t just have food, we do sightsee too!



  1. Puri is best served with some masala potatoes between them, jsut like a burger.It’s not usually flat…supposed to poof up after it’s deep fried

    I think i need to stop giving a running commentary on your blog.

    I like larry by the way.So hensem .Do you think we should matchmake larry with my cat?

  2. no wor.. this is not the poori that we have back home. this is really small and flat. like pizza dough but harder.

    larry and your cat?? can i grill your cat after..?

  3. he’s already black already, grill summore for what..just eat raw like sashimi.

    catcat likes to eat curry btw..maybe we make curried car

  4. i mean cat

    this is what happens when you bitch about other people being unable to spell.sigh.

  5. Hello! I was searching for places to go in Goa and stumbled across your sight. Very interesting blog you have over there.

  6. Cat meat? Ewww…

  7. Genope: Thank you and welcome.

    anttyk: Eh it’s nice esp. with catchup

  8. I love Goa and especially the Leela resort. It is so beautiful and relaxing being there.
    i really like the pool. Do carry a swimsuit bcoz its impossible to get a decent one in Indian stores.

    I ordered my bathing suit with Secret Cache at
    I adore mine, there free shipping and return policy is just the icing on the cake.

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