Posted by: dreymer | November 28, 2006

Pictureless Post

My quota of 1000 pics are up in Photobucket. I will have to start uploading my pics to on a different ‘bucket’. Because of that, my reviews on Goa will be delayed (can’t do without pictures!)

The latest update is, I finally have a gym partner! Spy finally join me at CF and she’s a great boot camp trainer motivator especially during those lazy after office nights. Y’know, it’s 9pm.. You want to just head home, be a couch potato and sleep but she’ll cheerlead you, “come on, come on.. we’ll go to the sauna right after, have a nice tall cool coke light after that..” Or, if you can’t make it, she’ll send you a SMS infused with hidden guilt, “oh.. doing the elliptical isn’t the same without you :-(” Bleh, silly grrl 🙂

Things to look forward to in coming months…

1) Ade’s wedding!

2) Christmas. Yes, this year I’ll continue with my gingerbread stars with glitter. Schnazzy!

3) Mili and Simon’s 2 days in KL. I don’t think 48 hours is enough but what the hell..

4) New year. I’ll be a year older 😐 Eep!

5) Phuket?

Oh.. noticed that change? I decided to capitalize my letters at the beginning of each sentence. Noticed how difficult it is to read with the new font and I think I should get into the habit of doing this. Have a great Tuesday!



  1. you sick ar??must be kena kick (two three four) by sher

    *touches drey’s forehead…feeling a burning sensation

    NO PICTURES!!??You must be dreybee’s evil twin!

    Anyway, i will wholeheartedly recommend flickr.Yes, I am literally in love with flickr…swore I’ll never pay for photo hosting but I did! try it out and let me know how you like it.

    btw…i’ll be in KL friday at 8pm and leaving on monday at 11pm…is that enough ar?:)

  2. What do you mean by I’m sick? Physically or mentally??

    Yeah, will go on flickr and make you happy. Ha!

    No, it’s not enough. You should have stayed on till New Year’s. Purleeze, what’s there to do in UK during NY’s? Eat Yorkshire Pudding with a sparkler stuck in it? (hmm.. actually that sounds pretty good, I wannaaaaaa)

  3. char boh…i’m working on the 27th’s more of the fact that I don’t have sufficient time off rather than I don’t wanna be in KL:(

    don cry ler…I bring you some easter eggs in April?

    Better come visit me and I ask the husband to make yorkshire pudding with sparklers?(he actually make quite good ones)

  4. siao char boh.. then you should have also taken 27th off mah.

    you coming back in april meh? how come got easter eggs?

    i wanna visit of coz. i don’t understand y u must be in UK.. like one of the most expensive places to be somemore. can’t you just move to perth or something?

    i think si owes me a bottle of mulberry jam.

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