Posted by: dreymer | December 9, 2006

Mumbai: Time to Say Goodbye…

The night before we were scheduled to leave Goa, I had my pen ready to write a few words in the residence’s guestbook. We wanted to write something informative. Since everyone has to eat, some time or the other, we reviewed our favourite restaurants. It was less elaborated than what I have written for this blog but good enough.

Our one page review

Just minutes before our driver came to get us…

AND WE WERE OFF… bidding farewell to Goa…

and hello Mumbai!

It’s great to finally be back in the city! Smog and traffic jams! TERRIFIC!

At the ITC Hotel Grand Maratha Sheraton. Couldn’t help myself but to take pictures of the bathroom. You must think I’m super siao! (crazy)

The bathtub

Cocktail and appetizers at the lounge



While waiting for Meanie to make arrangements for dinner, took some pictures of the hotel’s interior. Very nice.


For dinner, we decided on The Olive Bar & Kitchen. Read reviews that it’s the favourite place for celebrities and all. We wanted to see if that was true. Dressed to the nines, we splurged a little (joke) and hired an A/C cab for RS 250 for a 30 minute ride. It was the ride of our lives. First, the taxi started to smell like burnt gas/tyre. Then it started spluttering like it was about to break down! And our worst nightmare came true when it actually did breakdown in the middle of a busy highway. Our taxi driver had to pull to the side. I was praying.. nooooo.. don’t do this to us! I don’t want to try to stop another taxi in my heels! Please don’ttt…. anything but this! Must have heard my prayer when he could finally restart his taxi but it wasn’t any better. We had to endure another 30 minutes of burnt tire scent and the anxiety of whether our reservations would be cancelled because of the unexpected delay. When it came to an uphill, we were travelling on a jerky 5km/hr speed. Again, it was funny and dreadful at the same time.

We finally arrived at The Olive and it was still buzzling with diners. Ordered our drinks at the bar before we were seated. The place is pretty… white walls, white settings. Music was a little too loud, I thought.

Overall, it was OK. Didn’t see any cute Shah Rukh Khan lookalikes. Disappointing.

As usual, when we can’t decide on what we want, we would take a mixture of appetizers. I love the green and black olives.

I ordered scallops resting on a dollop of mashed potatoes smothered with white cream.

Meanie had the pomfret baked in a salt — very interesting on how it’s done. Loved to show you a pic but it was all very blurry. No point. But here’s a picture of me instead. HAHA.

So we thought that it would be the end of our taxi from hell experience in India but no.. we got a better surprise. Imagine you are travelling in a taxi that is making a right turn but instead of sticking to his lane, he heads on to oncoming traffic with cars approaching us and the driver shows no indication that he plans to slow down. Then at the very last minute when he has had enough of playing that mean and cruel joke on you, he swerves back to his lane. Well, we didn’t have to imagine that. We experienced it. I tell ya, if I had a bladder full of urine that night, I could have just let go in the taxi.

The next morning, after cramping our luggages with all our barang-barang (stuffs), we were already too lazy to get a taxi and head to somewhere for lunch. The thought of not finding a decent place and not knowing where to go seemed like a mood spoiler.

We made our rounds like food inspectors at the hotel….

… and decided that after 10 days of Indian food, we could settle for Chinese/Japanese/Thai cuisine at the Pan Asian restaurant.

They had a small spread of dim sum (the prawn siew mai was super), sushi and sashimi, tom yum soup, peking duck in pancake, salads, satay (nothing like our Malaysian satay, our’s are 100 times better) and DESSERT. I was too engrossed enjoying my Jasmine tea and dim sum to take any pics.

But eventually I did… because this dish was totally strange to me. It was called the Malaysian marble pudding. Which part of it looked Malaysian, I don’t know.

Like most hotel buffets that I’ve been to, the desserts are usually a waste of time. Not here.. I enjoyed the dessert the most actually. Especially that moist and rich chocolate cake and that cuppa cuppacino.


And that’s the end of my photo frenzy moment (or what I want to publish in my blog). We left for the airport right after and said goodbye…

It was a journey of self-discovery. A trail of two different cultures clashing in harmony. A happy trip that will continue to leave flutters in my stomach (not talking about the mild food poisoning I had on the last day)… And all it took was that 5 and a half hours flight on the 26th of October… to finally utter those words, “macam kenal je…” K’s.

to be continued…  Meanie’s picture (I’M KIDDING!!!!)

This is the end of my travelogue on India 🙂



  1. No, I don’t think you are super siao. 🙂

  2. but but…we want to see what meanie thought of you…or was it babu all along!?

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