Posted by: dreymer | December 11, 2006

Marital Bliss

I attended two consecutive nights of weddings; a relative and my best friend’s sister’s. I had a good time and of course, it is always more fun when you’re at a friend’s wedding rather than a family affair. One thing is for sure, you won’t get a nosy distant relative asking your mother on when her youngest daughter plan to get hitched. My usual answer, “ha ha ha .. soon soon,” followed by an adoring smile then disappear into the crowd. Very effective. Unless you can think of another way to dodge the question! 🙂

On Friday, we managed to be on time despite the jam, the rain and the bollywood thinghy that was going on at the Palace of the Golden Horses hotel. Dang. I thought since I didn’t get to see any Bollywood stars in India, I could at least bump into someone over here but… unfortunately, we weren’t fated to meet.

I was placed at table no. 2 with the old folks. Sob sob. We got to bring back the lavendar scented candle in heart shape. Smells great.


The sharksfin soup with crab meat was moderate.

I like dessert the best especially this ‘ping pei’ goldfish with red bean paste. Yummy.

The following night at the Renaissance Hotel… while waiting for Ms Wong to get dressed, I busy-ed myself taking pictures of the orchid corsages. Very pretty.

A close up of this very sexy flower.

And a picture of Ms Wong dolling up… also very pretty.

I like how the hotel got this organized. As soon as you’ve been told where to sit you are also given a tag with your table number… very helpful for those with short term memory. Noticed that they cater to the Chinese market.. there aren’t any table number 44. Instead they had it replaced with 43A. Clever.

I’m parked at table 36!

In celebration of Adelyn and Dey Rern’s day of holy matrimony

I picked the pink basket (because Elv insisted on the white) inserted with a white scented soap. Inside the lil’ white box is a piece of heart shape chocolate. The theme of the wedding was pink by the way.

The happy couple. They are so cute!


Confetti everywhere after the popping of the champagne. Followed by three ‘yum sengs’ (toasts) 

What I liked most about their wedding was the preview on what happened in the afternoon during the tea ceremony and ‘fetch the bride’ event. It was an entertaining break from the 8 course meal and so humourous that I kept giggling through out the clip. Here’s a snippet:

It must be a trend now to serve ‘ping pei’ gold fish. This one is orange. Lurve it!

The motherly instinct kicked in for Jane and Ms Wong. The li’l chubby dude is Ms Wong’s second cousin. He’s only 2 months old but weights 6-7kgs!


Elv and Ms Wong would have made the better MCs 🙂 Experienced one ok… Hired to emcee at outstation event also. Don’t play play.

The girls. Jane was kind enough to bend down a little so that we don’t look like hobbits next to her. You don’t know but she’s 5″9′. Grr…



  1. Haha. I can see your reflection in the window. For a moment, when I read the title, I thought you were getting married. 😉

  2. attyk: hee hee no way! I think you’ll beat me to it 😉

  3. 🙂 the tags wasn’t organised by was the groom’s cousin who made it all… cool right!

  4. Chimp: oh really! i thought how come the hotel so smart one.. now i know…

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