Posted by: dreymer | December 12, 2006

The Nice Mommie

Besides my own momma, I think my sis is a super mom too! She insisted that she would bake a cake and decorate it for her son’s 3rd birthday. If I was her, I think I would have just gone to the bakery and got him a cartoon cake and that’s it! I’m not a mom yet so maybe that’s why I’m blah 😉

Now I know why it’s so fun to have DIY cake. You get to do whateverrrrr you want (as long as it’s within the mother’s creative choice). With the help of Betty, we had two trays of sponge cake. The plan now was to have a double layered chocolate cake.

And the other important ingredients to add colour to the cake:

First, remove the cake carefully from the pan

Because we wanted a flat surface, we had to slice the top part off

Ideally a bread knife would make the cut but we didn’t have that so we had something equivalent… well, it doesn’t really matter as long as it cuts!

At this point, our creative direction changed. The mom said, “let’s do a bear!” because the birthday boy loves his teddy bears… that’s why he has five of the same kind. She used the top of the frosting as an outline to get a perfect rounded edge for the bear’s ears.

This is one part of his ears that is attached to the bear’s rounded face.

And here’s the blueprint of a bear with two ears!

Here comes the frosting; the cream that holds the cake together

Spread it evenly on all exposed surface

Don’t forget to add some at the sides of the attached ears so that it would stick to the head

And my VERY important role; making li’l circles on the frosting to give the bear its realistic characteristic — a fuzzy face 😉

Flowery eyes

Coloured hundreds and thousands

A close up

Our table setting. The baby boy gets to sit at the head of the table with his royal blue porcelain 🙂

to be continued… the final outcome and the birthday boy’s reaction



  1. Aiyo… Faster show the rest… Suspense la liddat. Always got to be continued one.

  2. LOL.. after a while, I got lazy.. and sleepy.. Wait la, so impatient.

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