Posted by: dreymer | December 15, 2006

The Outlook

It was not jealousy. It was not upsetting. It was just plain odd.

That was my initial reaction towards the ‘matter’. The thing is, I don’t think it’s wrong but I don’t think it’s right either. It is just one of those ‘odd-awkward-perhaps-innocent’ things that people do without thinking of how it would affect a person that is linked to the equation.

And that’s when I decided to email a girlfriend to bitch engage in a civil and mature discussion about my strange encounter. Ah, you know the usual female banter. Plus, I needed some kind of non-numerical distraction and this was definitely it. I titled my subject line with a straight lip emoticon (i.e. :-|) and my one-liner email content:

“i’m gonna sin coz i feel like bitching.”

And so I waited. And waited. No reply. By that time, what felt odd at first, just vanished with happy thoughts of Christmas. It didn’t matter anymore. It was stupid. Without further concern, I was back to the grind unfazed.

The next morning, my dear friend replied:

“omg… u cannot imagine what happened when u send that email…. i was in a meeting and i was presenting to all the top management ppl in my company including my GM when pop… your email came in.

and the worst part is… my notebook is set to alert me when the emails come in and your message was projected onto the presentation screen and everyone EVERYONE read it… gosh.. i nearly died on the spot la…”

HAHAHA.. sorry, I can’t help but to laugh (It’s OK.. she’s used to me being mean). The #1 rule when you are about to present: Close your Outlook, babes!

(It could have been worst because my first draft contained profanities but decided against it justtttttt in case A colleague happen to be near her and read it.)



  1. LOL.

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